“As healthy buildings become the new industry standard, especially as our nation and the world battle the terrible COVID-19 virus, the present, and future of every building should begin with a no-touch visitor management system. This way guests, residents, and employees can enter their home or workplace hands-free and be even more secure from spreading the virus,” said Dave Milliken, Founder of Greetly. “Our research and development team has been working on this tool for several months and we are pleased to begin offering this important solution to our current and future clients across the world starting in June.”

Traditional visitor management systems run off tablet computers in a kiosk which causes potential risk as visitors are required to touch the kiosk which may have been used by someone carrying coronavirus or another illness. In addition, cleaning a kiosk is not entirely practical and cannot be guaranteed after each and every use.

The welcome screen of the Greetly app will display a QR code (and a URL, both unique to the specific workplace) to initiate the sign-in process. Greetly will make sure visitors are on location before allowing them to begin the check-in process. Visitors will then be able to complete the entire check-in process including finding and selecting their host, entering the required information about themselves, taking a photo, and/or eSigning legal documents. When the process is complete, hosts will be notified. All of this will work exactly as if the visitor had used a kiosk.