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Helping Employees Feel Secure in Your Workplace

4 ideas on how to keep employees safe while working in a hybrid workplace.

Originally published by Entrepreneur Resources. Reposted with permission.

Providing a sense of security to your employees is becoming an increasingly critical tool in hiring and retaining staff. Here are four tips for ensuring your workers feel confident and comfortable in your office.

1. Control Office Access

Award-winning Visitor management software with access control integrationsWith workplace security breaches frequently making headlines, it’s not surprising that employees are concerned about unwanted visitors gaining entry to the buildings they work in. By restricting access to staff areas so only employees and invited guests are present, you’ll be showing you understand the importance of protecting your workers.

Whether you opt for an entry system involving biometric recognition, key cards, passcodes, or mobile apps, locking office doors so they’re only accessible by office personnel is the best place to start. If you’re concerned about presenting a fortress-like image to visitors, providing a welcoming lobby experience can smooth over those issues. Using check-in software in your reception area allows clients and conference attendees to alert your team to their arrival so they can be personally greeted without compromising behind-closed-doors security.

2. Use Camera Systems

Installing cameras in and around your building helps you easily monitor activity near your door, in your parking lot, in your storage areas, and at your loading dock so you can safely identify any suspicious activity. In some cases, just the presence of cameras may deter any would-be interlopers. While workplace surveillance may raise concerns about privacy, following guidelines in your state ensures you’re protecting employee rights at the same time you’re providing a useful security measure.

3. Enforce Standard Work Hours


Although you may appreciate the dedication of employees who routinely arrive early or burn the midnight oil long after the majority of their coworkers have gone home, the reality is that it is safer for everyone to stick to standardized office hours. Perpetrators looking to enter your building to do harm often prefer to attack when they expect minimal resistance, and some may lie in wait until only a handful of employees are present. Encourage those employees with projects that require them to work extra hours to do so remotely, and require all staff to come and go from the office at the same time.

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4. Protect Employee Data

Technology company data security visitor management solutionStaff security isn’t limited to protecting them physically; it’s also supported by looking after everyone’s personal information. With everything from contact details to social security numbers on file for each individual who works in your building, securing this sensitive data with the same vigor with which you look after critical company information like financial data and trade secrets is paramount. Regularly review your data capture and storage processes to be certain you are effectively safeguarding employee information.

By paying attention to staff security, you’ll be doing your part in ensuring your employees feel secure in your workplace. Controlling who can enter your employee areas, using cameras to monitor your exterior, restricting work outside standard hours, and keeping tight watch over personal data are all smart steps to take in order to keep your workers secure.

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