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Marketing Your Coworking Space on Digital Platforms

An explorations of how knowing your target audience and using technology can help grow your coworking community and increase revenue streams.

Originally published by STUDENT REPORTER. Reposted with permission.

The target audience for the coworking space is highly specialized. Of course, the basic principles of marketing apply. In this case, you need to determine where your target audience is and its needs and then develop ways to meet those needs. 

Marketing an office space is more than just placing ads stating that you have an office for rent. There is a need to develop a content marketing strategy that appeals to the clients’ needs. Here are tips on marketing your office space on digital platforms.

Perks and benefits

Working in a coworking space with a visitor management kioskWhat benefits can you offer that are unique from those offered by competitors? One of the best ways to gain a competitive edge and spread your marketing efforts is to offer special perks and benefits to the target audience. Tenants want more than just an open space or an office that is half-serviced. This could be offering rent discounts for referrals.

You can even offer free days once a month as this gets potential members in to experience your space. Benefits may also include tools for making work easier while in the office. Visitor sign in software allows employers to keep track of the employees reporting to work. Greetly offers an incredibly customizable visitor sign in application that allows employers to access the data anywhere.

Create a great website

Marketing your coworking space on a digital platform needs a sleek site that provides great content and amazing visuals. The site should be professionally designed. You can have testimonials from the current or the past tenants if you have been operating.

Ensure that the testimonials are genuine. Providing contact details is ideal if the current or past tenants agree. Your website should be easy to navigate and in line with all other business practices. It should reflect the values of your business. The more thought you put in, the better.

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A dedicated blog

A blog can do wonders when it comes to marketing your coworking space. The blog should be well-maintained. That means you have to generate topic ideas and craft engaging articles that the audience would like to hear and share. The blogs should reflect your business’s values, vision, and mission.

It’s better to contract someone to manage the blogging site for you if it’s challenging. There are many great writers on the internet that you can take advantage of to get quality articles. All blogs should be optimized to ensure that all words and phrases used are related to the nature of your coworking space business.

Utilize social media posts

Coworking space social media marketingSocial media marketing has gained a lot of popularity of late. It’s one of the best marketing strategies that will add a lot of popularity to your business. Choose one of the platforms you feel can easily monitor your target audience. Ensure that you use as many original visuals and videos as possible in your posts.

Use targeted social media ads to localize your workplace. Try as much as possible to follow related niche accounts and network with people who have the same business ideas as yours. What will set you apart is featuring members on your social media platforms. It fosters a sense of community within the workplace.

Create events online

Creating online events is one of the best ways to promote your coworking business. You should ensure that your followers get wind of all events happening in your coworking space. You should consider several points when creating events on social networks.

Start by inviting all your colleagues to take part in these events. This is better than targeting your ad to reach the “no-much-interested” target audience. You can make the events more popular by organizing online contests with tickets to the events as giveaway prizes to the winners. 

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