The Basics of Leasing and Renovating Your Startup Office

Technology companies focus on office spaces in order to attract the best talent and biggest customers. Here is how to make your startup workplace shine.

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When you finally have the funds and people to implement that idea that you have had in your head for the longest time, the first thing you think of is an office space. Acquiring an office is not a one-time affair, nor is it easy. 

Getting a lease is a process that is a tad bit lengthy and tedious. Renovating a technology company office space is also an equally tedious process. Let us look at some of the basics of leasing and renovating your startup office.

Technology and resources

Best startup company technologyRenovation of office spaces should embrace new technologies that come with the changing times. A great option is the dynamic visitor management app provided by Greetly. The app can be used as an iPad visitor sign in tool where visitors to the office make an entry while providing the information you need from them.

This is an impressive technology and your visitors are sure to like it and the approach you have adopted to secure the business premise. It is easy to navigate and access visitor data whenever you need it. Considering the amount of data every computer in your office carries, a visitor app is the best option to ensure total safety and also peace of mind.

Have a design in mind

If you are looking for an office space to renovate, you need to already have the design even before leasing the space. This is because some office spaces may not be able to accommodate the design you have in mind. 

You need to have the design first so that when you are looking for office spaces to lease, you find the office space that will fit the specific design. Find an expert who will develop your office idea, create a conceptual design, provide test fits so you know what office space to go with, and provide you with the budget for the renovation and schedule for the construction process.

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Choose a convenient location

When leasing an office space, ensure you choose a convenient location for both you and your team. An office that is easily accessible is good for productivity. Your employees will not be tired in the morning due to the hassle of getting to work, so they will be more productive compared to if the office was located far from where they stay. 

They will also not be in a rush to leave to get home early. This is advantageous because it means more work will get done and your employees will most likely not deal with work carried over from the previous day.

Think of the amenities and have a strict budget

Technology company visitor management software solutionAmenities play a key role when it comes to office spaces. Before signing a lease, make sure all the needed amenities are nearby. Amenities that you should consider should be those that serve your needs like a bank, meeting space, restaurants, and bus stop, among others. These will help ease both you and your employees’ work. 

Ensure you have a strict budget for the office space you are looking to lease. Stick to this budget. Office spaces can be expensive, and if you are easily swayed, you may end up starting your venture knee-deep in debt over office space arrears. It is crucial to have a strict budget for office space. You can always upgrade over time.

Make sure the lease is clear

Ensure the lease has clear information concerning the office space to avoid confusion and incurring costs in the future. Ask the landlord as many questions as possible concerning the lease. Ensure they clarify anything that is not clear in the lease. You need to know who is paying for certain utilities, what you can change in the office space, and what can’t be changed. 

Consider the length of the lease you will be taking as well. Do not take a lease that will have you stuck in the same office when the business has outgrown that space. Take a shorter lease. You can always renew your lease when it is over.

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