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The Most Common Workplace Security Threats

A review of the biggest workplace security threats and what your organization should do to avoid them from stealing your data and intellectual property.

Originally published by College 101 Understanding College Life. Reposted with permission.

In recent times, the number of security threats in the workplace has escalated very fast. Cybercriminals are trying everything possible to infiltrate the workplace security of businesses. The events leading to security threats range from natural disasters to cyber-attacks to fire outbreaks.

A secure workplace should ensure that all the stakeholders are protected from physical and financial harm. This includes all the employees, customers, investors and company assets. Here are the common workplace security threats that your company should be prepared for.


Customer check-in system deters hackers and human engineeringCybercrimes are the most common workplace security issues. That’s why every company should understand its cybersecurity vulnerabilities deeply to safeguard all its stakeholders. Some of the possible risks associated with cyberattacks include privilege abuse, unapproved software, email misuse and data mishandling.

That’s why companies are advised to invest in quality security measures to prevent illegal access to their system. It would be great if you invest in a great visitor sign in system from Greetly to keep all the details safe from unauthorized access. It will help you keep track of the visitors who have signed in and out of the company while ensuring that all the data is secure.

IT failure of a company-critical system

Virtual receptionist secures personally identifiable visitor dataThe failure of a company-critical IT system can do lasting damage to the business. This may be caused by accidental damage to systems, network issues, and other IT-related failures. Sometimes, these failures may permanently lose the customers’ data or weaken other system parts, making them vulnerable to illegal access.

On the same note, it’s costly and time-consuming to reverse these kinds of failures. That’s why you need to put the right preventive measures to minimize and prevent any possible impact caused by the IT failure. If possible, avoid all costs.

Fire outbreaks

When fire outbreaks happen, they can exceptionally be dangerous. Employees can sometimes escape harm or injury, but the consequences of the fire outbreak can be expensive for the company. It can even be worse in terms of litigation if you are at fault.

That’s why you should ensure that professionals carry out all installation and fire preventive measures are put into place. Possible cause of fire outbreak in a company includes faulty electrical equipment, combustible materials and sometimes arson. That’s why you should ensure that you have secured your site against outside vandals.

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Theft of physical or intellectual property

cannabis-dispensary-grow-visitor-check-in-compliance-softwareThis is one of the plainest security threats that may involve anything from patent and employee-know-how to trade secrets. Sometimes, it may involve laptops or any other physical document that exposes the company’s operations. To prevent physical theft, you should put the necessary security measures to prevent illegal entry into the company’s premises.

Employees should be checked regularly before they leave work to ensure they are not carrying any of the company’s property. Still, there is a need to train the employees on ways to keep the intellectual property safe. CCTV cameras should be installed in the workplace to monitor the company’s operations and help detect any attempt to steal the properties of the firm.

Power outage

There are many factors that can cause power outages ranging from weather to hacking. When the power goes out, the battery backup activates and operates the alarm for several hours before going off. If you had not planned adequately for such a situation, you might run into a lot of trouble as the company’s property may be stolen, or you may lose critical data processing.

You can invest in a powerful automatic backup to prevent incurring many losses when there is a power outage. In this case, you will ensure that the employees working the night shifts are safe and can efficiently operate without hassles in the case of a power outage.

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