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Why Remote Workers Do Not Want to Return to Offices

An overview of what is keeping employees away from the office and how to encourage them to return with hybrid workplace management software.

Originally published by Bryn Mawr Voice. Reposted with permission.

The number of remote workers who do not want to return to offices is increasing. A few decades ago, most employees used to like working from their offices as they thought it was the most convenient way.

But over time, things have changed. Workers have realized that remote working has a lot of benefits that overrule the traditional office style. Employees value their commute-free days and want as much flexibility as possible. Here are reasons why remote workers do not want to return to offices.

Working remotely is just efficient

Best visitor management solution for hybrid officesRemote work means working from anywhere else other than the office. This can be your home, café, or just a coworking space. Employees are evaluated by their output. That’s regardless of where they are working from. So, if the employee is working remotely, they are still expected to do the same amount of work.

As the company owner, you can easily monitor what the workers are doing on their computers or whether they have arrived at their working stations on time. Greetly’s visitor sign in software application will send you an alert notification when the employees arrive at the station. All the information about the remote employees is securely stored in a cloud-based logbook.

Change of perspective

It’s often hard to predict how something can be great if you have never tried it. Over the years, remote working has been there, but most companies have not implemented it entirely. Due to the advancing technology, better monitoring systems and other applications to support remote working were created and are still being created.

Those who have worked remotely no longer want to return to their offices. Most of them have started to realize how plausible the idea of remote working is. As a result, they feel like the daily commute is old-fashioned and even unnecessary. 

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They are burnt out

Office management software helps hybrid offices boost productivitySince remote working gained popularity, workers have realized that what looks like productivity could be burnout in disguise. The same amount of work can be done even better at home. Commuting to work and socializing with people now feels unnecessary and taxing.

Burnout can take many forms. There is too much pressure with the traditional working style from work and colleagues. Remote employees have now increased flexibility to beat burnout after work. The time initially used for commuting can now be spent on other issues related to career growth.

The need for the side hustle

With the traditional working style, most employees are expected to get to work on time. That means that they have to wake up very early in the morning, attend to their house chores and then prepare to travel to job. Due to the rising cost of living, employees are trying everything possible to multitask to fuel their expenses.

That’s why most of them have taken up side hustles. Remote working makes side hustles possible. Workers can utilize the time initially used for preparation and traveling to do something else for income. Most of them are unwilling to give up on their side hustle and return to their normal offices.

Communication is effective

Employee working in a hybrid office coffee shopIn the traditional office, employees show up to meetings and sit around tables to share their idea. Of course, this is one of the best ways to share business ideas with the rest of the team members. But online meetings have proven to be just as effective as physical meetings.

When minor issues like audio, microphone, and background rules are addressed, everything runs effectively, just like an ordinary meeting. You don’t have to rush to the office in case of any communication. You can receive it via email or instant messaging services like Microsoft Teams or any other platform for communication.

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