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Visitor Management Application with Integrated Photo Capture

Your workplace is a hub of activity that never stops, even when you’re taking a much-needed business trip or enjoying a long-delayed vacation. You’d like your associates to interact personably and professionally with visitors, whether they’ve met before or not.

Greetly is on the case. Our award-winning virtual receptionist software doesn’t just keep track of arrivals and send host notifications when guests arrive on-site - it also takes and retains visitor photos.

Greetly can include visitor photos in host notifications! This makes personable great impressions easy whether you are encountering someone for the first time or just need to refresh your memory about the person you’re greeting.

Award-Winning Virtual Receptionist Software Takes Visitor Photos

Greetly is obsessed with creating a great visitor experience. It starts with an easy-to-use visitor check in process using either our self-service kiosk or touchless. 

It doesn't stop there. With Greetly, you can always put a name to a face. Use our visitor photo capture feature to greet guests with a warm welcome, even if you have never met before. And, ensure all visitors are approved to be onsite by printing visitor badges containing the photo taken during the registration process.

Facial Recognition Refreshes Memory

No, not the creepy government surveillance kind of facial recognition. We're talking about greetings guests by name because you and your associates are able to make personal connections with your visitors. Whether it's a first-time interaction or a long-time client, the ability to recognize someone on sight fosters feelings of importance. Since visitor photos are included in reception notifications your team will greet every visitor like a VIP.

Personalized Visitor Badges Increase Security

Enhanced security in the workplace is becoming increasingly important. Greetly can instantly print visitor badges that include photos to ensure a higher level of recognition and security.

Visitor Photos Enhance Emergency Preparedness

Greetly stores visitor information, including photos, securely in the cloud. Should an emergency arise, and we hope it never does this will speed up the search for visitors who are unaccounted for. Simply share visitor photographs with other employees or emergency personnel in a matter of seconds.

Digital Logbook Provides Instant Access

Cloud storage means that accessing guests’ contact information from the digital Greetly visitor log, including photographs, is simple and convenient, whether or not you’re at the office.

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Receptionist Checklist

Greetly provides an easy-to-use digital receptionist checklist. Besides visitor badges, what else should you look for in a visitor management system? Fill out the form below and you'll receive our checklist immediately.

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Never Forget a Face with Greetly Visitor Photos


Virtual receptionist software visitor photos


Greetly’s visitor photo capture feature helps you and your associates pair names and faces in an instant!

Instant Microsoft Teams reception notifications


Capture visitor information and photos in no time with Greetly's cloud-bsed visitor management system.

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Warm Welcomes

Greet guests by name! Greetly will include the visitor's photo in host reception notifications.

Check in software photos and visitor badges

Modernize Your Visitor Experience

Be friendly and welcoming while still maintaining productivity and security with Greetly's visitor management solution.

Save Your ADMINutes while Greetly captures visitor photos for you and automates and transforms your visitor reception into an inviting and secure environment.

Greetly Integrates with Tools You Already Use

Cloud based visitor management integrations

How does Greetly take visitor photos?

Did we mention Greetly is incredibly customizable? We have plenty of options to suit your needs.

When visitors check in using a self-service kiosk, Greetly uses the front camera of the tablet computer to capture their photos. If they use touchless visitor registration then we use the camera on their smartphone.

There are several options including whether photos are taken via countdown or if the visitor must tap the device when they are ready for their photo to be taken.

Schedule a demo today so a Greetly account manager can show you how this works.

What if a visitor doesn't like their photo?

Hey, this isn't a glamour shot. But we get it, we all want to look our best on our visitor badge.

It's up to you, the visitor management admin, whether you will allow visitors to re-take photos. You can configure this in Greetly's cloud-based admin portal.

Are visitor visitors including in reception alerts?

Yes! Greetly will include the visitor photo when informing the host of their guest's check in. 

Visitor photos are including in these reception notifications:

  • Email
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Team
  • Google Chat

Can I review visitor photos later?

Yes. Should something go missing or you just need to refresh your memory, you can review guest photos using our cloud-based visitor logbook. All visitor information and images are stored using best-in-class data security practices.

Are visitor photos taken during the visitor preregistration process?

Yes! Photos are captured during the visitor preregistration process. In fact, the prereg process captures all of the same visitor information as if they checked in using the front desk kiosk.

I'm ready to use Greetly. How do I get started?

Want to see how Greetly's photo capture and secure storage work? Just click here to schedule a free demo. We'll show you the full slate of features that make Greetly the best visitor management software.

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