Capture Visitor Photographs in a Snap

Your workplace is a hub of activity that never stops, even when you’re taking a much-needed business trip or enjoying a long-delayed vacation. You’d like your associates to interact personably and professionally with visitors, whether they’ve met before or not.

Greetly is on the case. Our award-winning check-in app doesn’t just keep track of arrivals and notify hosts when visitors are on-site; it also takes and retains photographs of your guests. If you’re encountering someone for the first time or just need to refresh your memory about the person you’re greeting, just call up a picture from Greetly’s cloud-based digital logbook.

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Facial recognition refreshes memory

Enhance the ability for you and your associates to make personal connections with your clients. Whether it's a first time interaction or a long time client, the ability to recognize someone on sight fosters feelings of importance.

Visitor photos enhance emergency preparedness

Should an emergency arise, and we hope it never does, Greetly stores visitor data securely in the cloud, available at any time to any authorized user. Speed up the search for visitors by sharing photographs in a matter of seconds.

Personalized visitor badges increase security

Enhanced security in the workplace is becoming increasingly important. Greetly can instantly print visitor badges that include photos to insure a higher level of recognition and security.

Digital logbook provides instant access

Cloud storage means that accessing guests’ contact information from the digital Greetly visitor log, including photographs, is simple and convenient, whether or not you’re at the office.

Never Forget a Face with Greetly Visitor Photos



Greetly’s photography feature helps you and your associates pair names and faces in an instant!



Share visitor pictures with associates or emergency responders in moments with Greetly!



From capturing visitor photophraphs and printing badges to electronic signatures, Greetly does it all!


Modernize your visitor experience

Be friendly and welcoming while still maintaining productivity and security with Greetly's visitor management solution.

Save Your ADMINutes while Greetly captures visitor photos for you and transforms your visitor reception to an inviting and secure environment. 

Greetly integrates with tools you already use

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Workplace security features from the world's most customizable visitor management system

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