Benefits of Visitor Management System for Staffing Agencies

The many benefits of using a visitor management system to automate the reception function for your staffing agency.

Executive Summary

  • If you’ve run a recruiting or staffing agency then you understand how challenging - yet important - it is to provide world-class visitor reception.
  • Luckily, a digital visitor management system automates the entire visitor reception process, ensuring warm and instant welcoming of guests.
  • The visitor management system will capture guest details, notify their host, handle incoming deliveries, securely keep guest visit records and data, and heighten the security of the premises.  It can even feed your applicant tracking system and send thank you emails or text messages.

Managing a staffing or recruiting agency’s reception area can be a hectic operation. Staffing agencies deal with a lot of visitors daily. In fact, keeping track of everyone on the premises at any given time is a well-known challenge for staffing agency managers and staff.

While you are busy winning clients and connecting them with amazing candidates, you cannot overlook reception. This function plays a major role in conveying that your firm is the one to trust with hiring and major career decisions. Your visitor management function also works to build your database while simultaneously maintaining the privacy of the personally identifiable information of all parties.

This post will detail how visitor management software can assist your company and discuss some potential pitfalls that may arise without it.

What Is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system is your agency's process for greeting and handling visitors. Whether you have thought about it or not, your agency has a method for:

  • Greeting guests with a warm welcome.
  • Notifying their host (the recruiter or other employee they are meeting with).
  • Handling food and package deliveries.
  • Logging all of the data for record-keeping and compliance purposes.
  • Keeping your people, your visitors, and your data safe.

The traditional approach to staffing office visitor management is one or more receptionists. In many cases, there is also a paper logbook.

Leading staffing agencies like Randstad have modernized their visitor management by using cloud-based visitor sign-in apps. Here is why your staffing agency should supplement your existing team and process with cloud-based digital receptionist software.

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Why Your Staffing Agency Should Use a Visitor Management System

Some of the benefits of using a visitor management system for your recruiting firm can include:

  • Impressing clients and candidates
  • Integrating visitor information with your Application Tracking System (ATS)
  • Maximizing your recruiters' time

Interview candidate meeting with a recruiterImpress Clients and Candidates

Everyone knows there is no second chance to make a great first impression. A digital registration app visitor management system is that they can help improve the overall impression of your clients—the hiring managers—and candidates towards your office. Here are some of the top reasons:

  • Visitor management systems are tech-forward
  • ‘Touchless’ visitor check in
  • Shorter wait times
  • Makes the wait more productive


A tech-forward company quickly adopts the latest technology that will benefit its operations. Companies that use visitor management software will often impress the individuals visiting their offices, ultimately translating to more clients and candidates.

The best visitor management systems can be branded to reflect your staffing agency. You can also customize workflows based on your specific reception needs. You can even modify your visitor check in app to welcome VIP clients.


In an era where some people might wish to avoid a conversation with your receptionist, they also might not want to interact with a kiosk used by others. This scenario is solved with touchless visitor management. Everything you can do to sign in visitors via kiosk can be achieved directly from their smartphone. 

Additionally, it is critical to have a visitor management system during health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only does it help with contact tracing, but it also lessens congestion in the lobby. Hence, the visitors and other individuals become safer. 

In a nutshell, the importance of the touchless feature of the visitor management system is as follows:  

  • Visitors do not need to directly interact with staff members to sign-in
  • An individual’s identity can be verified by simply pressing a button on their devices
  • Improved efficiency for staff members 
  • Limits congestion

Shorter Wait Times

With a robust visitor management system in place, visitors no longer need to wait around for a representative to sign them in. A visitor management system speeds up the entire registration process by eliminating queues, saving time for all parties involved, and ensuring future visits go smoothly. With this, your guests can visit your office at their convenience and be on their way quickly.

Using this system also reduces your staff’s time on sign-in sheets, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Makes the (Shorter) Wait More Productive

Visitor management system and applicant tracking system integrationOnce an applicant has signed in, and the right recruiter is notified, you can make candidates' wait productive. Some recruiting firms connect visitor management software to their Applicant Tracking System (ATS). After a candidate checks in to see a consultant, the visitor management system can send information and links to the candidate. This allows interviews to review open job positions and complete their applications on their own mobile phones while they wait. 

Not only does this save time, but it boosts productivity too. Instead of having recruiters try to decipher paper forms hiring team to have full access to applications submitted by candidates. Further, it eliminates paper resumes and other documents, and the need to upload or manually enter them into your ATS. 

Can Be Integrated With Your Applicant Tracking System

YourApplicant Tracking System, or ATS, is a crucial tool for your recruitment firm. It helps you track and store all useful information about candidates and their applications. It also allows recruiters to quickly scan and filter out the most compatible candidates for particular jobs.

So it's important to get as much data into your ATS as possible, like which candidates came into your office, when, and who they met with. With pen-and-paper visitor management, you lose the ability to track data into your ATS. Or, it becomes a manual and error-prone process. By digitizing visitor sign-in, the enter process of feeding your ATS can be automated and instant.

Maximize the Use of Your Recruiters’ Most Valuable Asset - Their Time

For recruiters, time is money. To be successful they should spend as much time as possible speaking with hiring teams and interviewees to fill positions.

With visitor management software, instant reception notifications, and automated data logging, staff can focus on conversations and not administrative activities. They never need to backup the receptionist. They can walk into the lobby and confidently know their candidate is waiting, what they look like, and that their data profile is complete.

What if You Don’t Use a Visitor Management System?

The lack of visitor management in your firm may result in several drawbacks, including: 

  • Unwanted visitors can enter the building
  • The privacy of the company is at risk 

Unwanted Visitors Can Enter the Premises

A visitor management system starts at quickly connecting hosts and their guests. They are just as good at identifying people who should not be allowed to enter your office. This might be because they are on the firm's watchlist, they fail a COVID questionnaire or temperature screening, or they refuse to eSign an NDA. 

Were the wrong people allowed to enter, it could be dangerous for your team, other visitors, and your intellectual property.

Tracking and creating a visitor logbook of clients’ arrival times using the software shows that you took due diligence in ensuring no overstay or security breach occurs. The logbook will include the time of arrival and departure to determine how long they were in the building. 

Your Clients’ Privacy Is at Risk

Your paper logbook exposes your client and candidate list. So does a visible roster of consultants. It could be even worse if an unwanted visitor accessed a company computer or physical files.

And if you do not know who entered your office, when they came, when they left, who they saw, and their reason for visiting, you have no way to mitigate any security risks.

Conclusion — Visitor Management Helps Staffing Agencies

Adopting visitor management reception software for your staffing agency will quickly propel your firm to the next level. First, by using a tech-forward approach to gust sign-in that will impress your clients and potential job candidates.

It will be valuable to your recruiters as well. Visitor management software is effective at collecting data, applications, eSignatures, photos, and more. Ultimately, with an efficient system in place, your employees can spend more time and resources finding the best talent instead of the technical record-keeping tasks.

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