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Houston, We Have No Problem. Introducing Greetly’s Co-Pilot Feature

The modern office just got modern-er. Greetly's visitor registration app now forward reception notifications to your designated admin, backup or colleague.

Congrats, your modern office just got moderner. Thanks to the newest feature of Greetly's visitor management system called co-pilot.

Neato. But What Is a Co-Pilot?

Quite simply, a co-pilot is someone who is carbon copied on all of your visitor registration notifications. If someone checks in to see you, both you and your co-pilot will receive notifications from Greetly.

How about an example?

Let's say Chloe receives voice and Slack notifications. And her co-pilot is Anthony, who has customized his notifications so he received voice, text and email notifications. When Chloe's lunch order arrives, Greetly calls her and sends a Slack message. Simultaneously, Anthony receives his voice, text and, well, you get it.

With co-pilot, Chloe can also turn off all notifications while still providing a great reception experience. In this scenario, Chloe's name would still show up in the directory, with Anthony receiving all of her front desk alerts.

When Should I Use the Co-Pilot Feature?

Working together in a modern office

This feature is great for employees that have an admin or assistant. Especially if they are in meetings or on the phone all day. Simply add a co-pilot and they'll be aware of visitors, but know they are handled with care without interrupting their productivity

Another scenario is an employee who is on vacation or otherwise out of the office for an extended period. When Bobbi takes her well deserved vacation, this smart office feature makes sure all of her packages are received - yay, my 10 pound jug of coconut oil finally arrived - and no visitor is left unattended. When she returns, simply toggle the co-pilot back to turn it off. And with one click, only Bobbi receives her front desk check in app notifications.

But Really, What Is a Co-Pilot?

OK, you caught us. Your co-pilot is really so much more. In today's fast-paced business environment, we all need a partner. Think of your co-pilot as Bonnie to your Clyde, Robin to your Batman and cheese to your macaroni.


"The goal of an ideal partner isn’t to complete you. It’s to augment you.” - Author unknown

Early feedback on this feature has been extremely positive. Click here to learn more and to setup co-pilot, or watch the video at the bottom of this post.

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