How can I grow revenue for my coworking space? | Digital Receptionist

Posted by Greetly Digital Receptionist on September 29, 2015
Operate Efficiently

Operate Efficiently

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Greetly recently published a white paper called "5 Ways for Coworking Spaces to Increase Revenue".


Coworking spaces are early adopters of digital reception tools. This stems from the innovative nature of their clientele and their lean business models.

Is there even more value that can be unleashed? Can an automated receptionist help grow revenue for your shared office?

Coworking space visitor check-in kioskCapure More Leads

One of the (arguably few) downsides of managing a coworking space is member churn. Clients outgrow their shared office space, merge with other firms, and, far too often, cease to exist entirely. Hence, no matter how popular your space, or how strong a coworking community you build, you need a constant flow of tours with new potential tenants.

Some tours are booked in advance. Others are walk-ins. Many shared office managers do not have their leads in one place or a process for following-up.

Greetly makes this process easy by capturing all leads in one place – the digital logbook. Leads are stored in one location and can easily be downloaded - or zapped! - into Mailchimp or another a CRM application. 

Your visitor registration kiosk can also be used to check in coworking event attendees. If you host Meetups or community events, this can help build your mailing list and foster a sense that your space is central to the local community. 

Case study – Green Spaces

Green Spaces is a Denver shared office creating a community for “eco and socially conscious entrepreneurs” in Denver’s trendy RiNo arts district. Green Spaces has a staff of just three, including two co-owners, managing 12,500 feet of coworking space and conference rooms. With such a small team, they rely on coworking space software to effectively service their members and visitors.

One challenge Green Spaces experienced was capturing information information on visitors, coworking event check-ins and prospective tenants. Since installing Greetly, their visitor info capture rate has soared. So has their occupancy as they have converted more visitors into paying members.


Green Spaces success using a visitor check-in app is a double blessing. Of course, it has increased revenue for their coworking space. It has also increased the size of their community, bringing them closer to fulfilling their mission. Now that is a victory for all of us.

What Is Greetly?

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