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Manage Your Workspace With Kube by Wun Systems | Coworking Software

Everything you need to know about coworking space management software and hardware provider KUBE by WUN Systems.

Coworking spaces have become a rapidly growing industry. Driven by millennials and more people starting their own companies or work as freelancers. Large companies, who are attracted by saving money on utilities, physical space, and having real estate experts on their payroll, are also quickly moving into shared workspaces. By 2022, Small Business Labs has projected that there will be 30,000 spaces with 5.1 million members.

The industry has unique technology needs -- see Greetly's guide to coworking space management software. One of the larger and more established players is KUBE by WUN Systems. KUBE provides a variety of services—from internet and voice services to door access and billing—to facilitate co-working space growth.

Who Is WUN Systems? And What Is KUBE?

Well ahead of the coworking trend, WUN Systems was founded in 2008. Originally WUN sold hardware; routers to provide Wifi bandwidth and call routing for the serviced office and business center sector. In 2014, WUN announced HappyDesk, a sister company focused on coworking software.

Now re-branded as KUBE, WUN's extry is an extensive platform intended to meet many coworking space software needs. Coworking spaces can use just one or two of KUBE's modules or all of them—whatever configuration works best for their situation. Many shared workspaces use some features from WUN and others from another space management software provider like essensys or Cobot.

This space management software lets administrators set up new members for internet, door entry, or other tools with the click of the mouse, create template contracts for different spaces using interactive floorplans, and automatically bill users for their space and utility use. To further decrease time-consuming overhead tasks, members can easily book conference rooms or other assets through the self-serve interface of the KUBE space management software.

As mentioned above, KUBE is a software platform. WUN Systems has partnered with best-in-class providers to round out its offerings. Their roster of integrations includes Mailchimp for CRM, PayPal for collecting rent, and Intercom for customer service. Needing virtual receptionist software to round out their product, at the 2016 Global Workspace Association's annual conference, WUN announced that Greetly was their exclusive visitor management system partner.

KUBE includes KPI and reporting features on an intelligent dashboard, coworking spaces can project profits, plan outreach to prospects, and keep track of progress towards goals. KUBE by WUN hopes that their complete and scalable coworking and space management software will help coworking spaces control costs, and ensure the team focuses on scaling the business instead of having to spend all their time managing the space. Ultimately KUBE is most valuable if it frees up your staff to focus so they can understand members' needs, execute coworking events and other activities that strengthen the community.

KUBE Features

  • Member Management: Maintain leads from your website and member data in the connected CRM
  • Invoicing and Payments: Automatically issue and track invoices and payments by integrating your favorite billing applications and merchant services
  • Proposal Builder: Create customized contracts with attached floor plans that you can email to prospective customers
  • Conference Room Scheduling Software: Self-service application for members to book, confirm and manage reservations
  • Membership Plans: Create any membership package or plan and sell them online via your website
  • Reporting and Coworking Metrics: Generate a real-time view of potential opportunities and projected revenue through an intelligent dashboard
  • Member Portal: Create a member directory, use community messaging, and self-service event management from room booking to billing
  • iOS Application: Create greater accessibility to your services for booking, direct communication, and payment processing through an iOS app
  • Door Access: Provide real-time access to your space 24/7 without additional staff by connecting doors to billing and notifying members in real-time if additional costs are incurred for access
  • Internet: KUBE watches over the network to ensure that members remain connected at all times and monitors the internet to inform administrators of unusual activity
  • Data/Wifi: Deliver a complete, secure, enterprise-grade solution through KUBE and quickly set up new members to access your data and wi-fi network through the mobile and self-service interface and generate real-time reports to identify and automatically bill high-volume internet users
  • Voice: Connect members to VOIP voice services on-demand and monetize everything from voicemail transcription to call recording by billing your clients for local, nationwide, and international calls automatically
  • Integrations: Integrate the KUBE software and business center tools with coworking space's broker, finance, payment, voice, marketing, and business applications

Modular coworking software

What Makes It Different?

There are lots of coworking space management software options. Here is how KUBE differentiates itself in the marketplace:

  • Flexibility: Use WUN services such for internet or use other providers such as Google Fiber
  • Modular: Use a custom, cost-effective modular solution that fits the coworking space's needs
  • Customization: Everything is customized from technology implementation to the platform itself
  • Onsite Support: WUN is the only global shared space technology provider with local support offices in 3 countries with engineers ready to help anytime, anywhere, at no extra cost
  • Unlimited Users: One, a flat rate for internet (data and Wifi), software, and onsite/remote support services no matter how many members or guests. What is that flat rate? One common complaint is WUN's opaque pricing.

Who Uses KUBE?

700+ services office locations are using KUBE, including those run by:

  • NYC Office Suites (Greetly client)
  • Bond Collective (Greetly client)
  • Pacific Workplaces
  • Premier Business Centers
  • Pipeline
  • Office Evolution (Greetly client)
  • Launch Workplaces
  • Shift Workspaces
  • Foundry Club
  • Select Office Spaces
  • 25N Coworking
  • Emerge212
  • OffiCenters
  • Quest Workspaces

What's Next for KUBE?

In November 2017, WUN Systems was acquired by commercial real estate software developer Yardi, a developer of investment and property management software for all types of real estate companies. With coworking and shared office spaces on the rise, Yardi sees the purchase of WUN as an opportunity for realty investors to create new revenue streams for their buildings.

While the purchase could lead to additional features within the KUBE platform aimed at property investors, for the time being, KUBE by WUN is still doing business as usual—fully focused on streamlining and automating the administration of coworking spaces.

Coworking software Greetly and Kube by Wun SystemsSummary

KUBE by WUN Systems, integrated with Greetly's virtual receptionist software, is an example of office automation that helps smart organizations get more done.


Originally posted on February 3, 2017; updated on February 22, 2018.

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