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The Impact of Office Etiquette on Employee Productivity | Check-In App

Etiquette is an unwritten code of conduct that dictates how people treat one another. Here are tips to save your team from a trip to finishing school.

Etiquette is an unwritten code of conduct that dictates how workers at a workplace treat one another. And a professional work environment will have a major impact on productivity. As a manager, it is imperative you engender a positive environment. Here are some quick tips to save you a trip to finishing school.

4 Etiquette Tips to Improve Employee Performance

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    Dress appropriately: Workplace attire has become much informal. While you should be comfortable, there is scientific evidence that what you wear impacts your performance. At a minimum, wearing the appropriate “costume” for your job impacts how others perceive you. Assuming you work in an office environment, you should wear neat clothes, even if informal. Be clean shaved and take good care of your personal hygiene. It is expected that you don’t walk into an office wearing sweatpants or miniskirts. If you are unsure how to dress, observe your high-performing coworkers.
  2. Eliminate office gossip: Gossiping by the water cooler may feel thrilling but is not a very smart practice. You should avoid office gossip to improve collaboration and morale.
  3. Respect different cultures: In a global workforce you will encounter teammates and customers will different cultures than your own. They may even feel at odds. It is important to respect and try to learn, from those that are different than yourself. Take time to get to know people with a different cultural perspective. They will generally appreciate your efforts, others will notice your inclusive approach, and you may gain a new world insight.
  4. Implement the right tools: Another way to show you respect your employees is to give them the right tools. Minimize busywork through digital efficiency and automation. For example, Greetly is a visitor management system for businesses that eliminates unproductive distractions.

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