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Top Tasks You Can Outsource to Greetly

What if the dreaded clipboard was no longer needed at your front desk? See how you can outsource visitor paperwork and other mundane tasks.

Executive Summary

  • A visitor management system, like Greetly, can handle many functions within your entire reception area.
  • Modern visitor management apps can keep your workplace safe thanks to touchless self-check-in and temperature screening employees and guests.
  • Searchable cloud-based visitor logs ensure your organization maintains regulatory and internal compliance.

Be the hero of your office and let Greetly erase your office’s most repetitive and time-consuming tasks from everyone’s to-do list. Here’s what to delegate to this fully automated, invaluable visitor management system.

Notifying Staff of Arrivals

Why be stuck on the phone when you could be helping clients or doing other important tasks. When a visitor checks in using the super-friendly Greetly interface, the person they came to see is automatically alerted — by phone, text, email, the Google Chat app, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or however the employee would like. It’s so seamless that after a day or two of having employees receive notifications via Greetly, you’ll wonder how you ever did things the old-fashioned way. 

Eliminating Paperwork

Say 'buh-bye' to clipboards and stacks of paper forms at the front desk. When a visitor arrives, simply have them fill out any necessary collection forms on an iPad or tablet where Greetly is installed. From intake forms to non-disclosure agreements to disclaimers, Greetly can handle it all for you, and your guests will appreciate the ability to type in their answers swiftly.

Printing Name Tags or Visitor Badges

Put everyone at ease, make your guests easy to recognize, and signal that they’ve been cleared by security when you provide a name tag or visitor badge upon arrival (this is especially handy for events!). No ID-lanyard stuffing is necessary. Greetly can take your visitors’ photo right in the app and an accompanying label printer works seamlessly for quick guest check-in.

Temperature Scanning & Health Screening

Contactless visitor management system

If health screening is part of your “new normal,” then you’ll find it extremely valuable to hand that off to someone who isn’t at risk of contracting illness: Greetly! Our temperature scanning kiosk is completely touchless and can verify a visitor’s temperature using accurate infrared technology from 20-39 inches away. Add COVID health screening questions to check-in, and you have a comprehensive health scanning system at your door for staff and guests.

Delivery Management

Who doesn’t love seeing Dave the UPS driver with his daily delivery? But when you’re on the phone, have two clients waiting, and are trying to schedule a conference room for your CEO, Dave has to wait. With Greetly, he can check-in digitally, instantly ping delivery recipients, or receive instructions on the friendly interface, saving you both time.

Evacuation Planning

In the event of an emergency, how will you notify everyone on site to evacuate? It’s a daunting task to plan for — unless you have Greetly. With the click of a button, you can easily broadcast a message to anyone who is checked in on-site. Mark them safe as they are confirmed, and send an all-clear once the emergency is over.

Visitor Log

Cloud-based visitor logbookToss that paper-and-pen logbook that’s taking up space at your front desk. Utilizing Greetly means you’ll automatically have a secure, cloud-based digital visitor logbook so you can sort and filter your customer records, send targeted follow-ups, and track visits. It’ll even sync with your CRM for more endless options in customer management.

Summary - Get More Done With Greetly

As we return to work post-pandemic, it's more important than ever to reduce distractions so team members can focus. A visitor management system like Greetly can handle all of your reception needs, from greeting guests to keeping your office secure to achieving your compliance needs. All of this can be done contactless so everyone stays healthy and productive.

Ready to customize Greetly for your business?  Take a tour to see how Greetly can do even more with customizations unique to your office. Schedule a demo >

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