Satellite Deskworks integration

Building a strong coworking community is an amazing feat. It's what separates your space from the other options in town. You achieve this with a great space, a great team and smart software so everyone can focus on members and prospects.

Two leaders in coworking software have teamed up to support you: Greetly's now integrates with Satellite Deskworks!

Your visitor management system will always be up-to-date. New member -- when you add her to G Suite she will automatically be pushed to Greetly. Changing contact information? Name change? New mobile number? Whatever you do in Operate will automatically be pushed to Greetly. No double data entry. No manual imports. The modern office working for you.

About Greetly

Save Your ADMINutes with Greetly. Greetly's visitor check-in app will make you a modern office in minutes:

  • Greet visitors
  • Instant reception notifications
  • Tour check-in
  • Receive packages and send member notifications
  • Expand your automatons with Zapier

Greetly + Satellite Deskworks = Time to grow

With this integration, you can:

  • Sync Greetly with Satellite Deskworks
  • Impress visitors
  • Grow your CRM database

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Greetly + Satellite Deskworks build better coworking communities together!