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How Cloud-Based Visitor Management Solutions Can Modernize Workplaces

Why your workplace should adopt cloud-based visitor management for efficiency, compliance, and a great guest experience.

Originally published by Entrepreneurship Life. Reposted with permission.

A strong and unique visitor management system provides an effective, contemporary, and customized approach to handling workplace visitors. The software is ideal for technology businesses, industrial facilities, employment agencies, and government offices looking to enhance visitor sign-in and maintain their workplace safe and productive.

By 2028, the visitor management software industry is anticipated to be valued at around US$ 2724.42 million.

The cloud-based platform and touchless sign-in functionality of visitor sign-in apps provide easy visitor monitoring, fast alerts to hosts, and customized processes to meet the specific needs of the business. Companies that remain committed to delivering excellent customer service and support in 2023 and beyond have already started implementing these utilities.

Efficient and Modern Sign-in Experience

Office guest using cloud-based visitor management solutionThe sign-in app that comes with a visitor management system is intended to make the visitor sign-in procedure as simple as possible. Visitors can check in using an iPad or Android-based kiosk or by utilizing the touchless sign-in capability on their smartphone.

The app is self-service, which means no installation is required, and it can collect visitor information such as photographs, names, eSignatures, the reason for their visit, and other facts required to fulfill safety and compliance requirements.

Instant Host Notifications

Visitor management platforms offer fast alerts to the host as soon as a visitor logs in, which can be sent through a phone call, SMS text message, email, or corporate instant messaging systems like Slack, Google Chat, and Microsoft Teams.

To keep CEOs engaged and productive, notifications might also be issued to executive administrators or assistants. The photo of the visitor is sent to the host, allowing them to greet the visitor pleasantly and professionally.

Excellent Customizability

A cloud-based visitor management system can be tailored to an organization’s exact requirements. The service is accessible through any web-enabled browser and allows you to sort, filter, search, and download visitor log book information. This makes it simple to keep track of who has signed in and when they have signed out.

No Expensive Hardware Required

floor-check-in-kioskA visitor management system offers a low-cost option for visitor registration because it does not require costly hardware. This can save your firm money on equipment while also allowing front-desk workers to focus on other critical activities rather than being bogged down by the sign-in procedure.

This minimizes the need for inefficient use of human resources, which can raise productivity and improve overall workplace efficiency. The sign-in app is also simple to use and customized, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

A sign-in app is even more significant in 2023 when remote working is becoming the norm. It enables distant check-ins and contactless check-ins.

Contactless Visitor Sign-in App

A cloud-based visitor management platform allows for contactless visitor sign-in, allowing you to maintain your workplace healthy and productive. Visitors can sign in and exit without making physical touch with kiosks or interacting with staff workers.

The app takes photographs and contact information from visitors and allows them to study legal papers, capture electronic signatures, and print badges.

Secure and Compliant

Visitor management solution helps clients maintain compliance and pass auditsSecurity and compliance are critical when it comes to visitor registration. As a result, modern visitor management systems deploy a number of measures to keep your workplace secure and confidential. Among these are eSignatures, visitor photographs, and a secure sign-in process.

Visitors can use eSignatures to sign in fast and conveniently without having to physically handle a pen or paper. During the sign-in process, visitor photographs are also recorded, giving a visual record of who has been in the facility. This can be used to track visitors and ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the building.

In addition to these security elements, these platforms adhere to GDPR standards, making it easier for your firm to pass any data protection assessment.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your visitor registration procedure is safe, compliant, and simple to use with modern cloud-based visitor management system solutions.


In conclusion, a modern, cloud-based visitor management system is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes to enhance visitor sign-in, maintain workplace safety and productivity, and meet compliance requirements.

With touchless sign-in functionality, instant host notifications, customizable processes, and no need for expensive hardware, it offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for managing workplace visitors.

As remote working becomes more prevalent, it also enables contactless check-ins, making it even more valuable in today’s environment.

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