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Starting a Plug and Play Office Business

As companies move towards hybrid work here are ways you can start a plug-and-play office that brings the best employees back to the office.

Originally published by The Lowdown. Reposted with permission.

An office address can make your company look more professional but setting up a fully-equipped office can be a dent in your financial resources. For most businesses, plug-and-play offices are the best solution nowadays.

These are virtual offices that give the same benefits as the traditional office without spending a fortune. In this case, you can plug your laptop and get to work. Here are the things you require to set up a plug-and-play office business.

Visitor management system

The best touchless visitor management systemBefore starting a plug-and-play office business, you have to understand that you will be dealing with many clients. Keeping track of the clients that are visiting your business can get tricky. That’s why the traditional recording-keeping method won’t be of great benefit to you. 

That’s why you need to adopt an effective visitor management system. Visitor sign in system from Greetly is one of the best tools that can help you keep track of who has signed in and out. It will help you modernize the reception area with a cloud-based application that’s easier to use by the clients. Later, you can browse to sort, filter, and then download the clients’ logbook information that you need.

Quality power sockets

Sockets are key elements of every plug-and-play office business. How do you know which is the best socket to use in the office? Is it pop-up, static, on-desk, flip-up, or in-desk? You should make use of the power sockets that have both plugs for laptop charging systems and USB ports for charging any other device.

You can blend the type of sockets that you will use in the office as clients have disparate preferences. They should be of high quality to ensure that they don’t damage the tools being used in the office. 


Hybrid office management software and furniture brings employees back to the workplaceFurniture for the plug-and-play business is not complicated and not too expensive as you may think. What’s needed here is for the clients to be satisfied with the sitting posture. You can settle for ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs offer posture support which enhances the productivity of the users. In this case, you don’t have to lean forward as you can easily adjust the chair to your desired posture. If the table is too high, you can still adjust it upwards to the correct height. A clean table communicates professionalism and boosts the efficiency of the work.

Air conditioning systems

Depending on the season, your clients will respond differently to disparate weather patterns. There are times when it gets too, while there are still times when it’s chilly and cold. Here, you have to decide on the best air conditioning system. Apart from fans, you can fix the room with large windows that can be opened to allow air circulation.

Ensure that you have installed the best space heaters to keep the room warm during cold weather. The windows should be fitted with panel blinds to keep the heat within the room. There should be a number of fans to help spread the heat to every corner of the building.

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Legal permissions

Visitor checkin software captures NDA eSignaturesAfter putting everything in place, you have to seek permission from the relevant authorities. After you have fitted the room with quality sockets, air conditioning systems, furniture, and any other equipment, you are ready to start. Firstly, seek to understand the legal requirements of starting a business in the area.

Otherwise, running the business without certifications will attract severe legal issues that may lead to the collapse of the plug and play office business. After obtaining all the relevant licenses, you can commence your operations with confidence as no one will sue you if you keep watch of the business operations.

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