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The Trends in Onboarding New Employees

New employees perform their best when the onboarding process gives them deep insights into the company’s structure, culture, mission, vision, and values.

Originally published by THE STUDENT REPORTER. Reposted with permission.

Employees’ onboarding refers to the processes in which new hires are integrated into the organization. It includes all activities that allow new employees to complete an initial new-hire orientation process. In this case, the new employees learn about the company’s structure, culture, mission, vision, and values.

The most important thing in this process is learning their primary responsibilities. Improving the employees’ onboarding process leads to increased productivity and efficiency of the employees. Here are the new trends in onboarding new employees.


New employee visitor management kioskThis is a key priority used by many companies to improve their onboarding efficiencies and accelerate the new hire’s productivity. Research shows that companies that automate their activities have greater achievements for most of their performance goals. Technologies used in the onboarding process are becoming more flexible and easier to use with time.

With a well-designed system, organizations can streamline their paperwork, simplify labor-intensive processes and integrate training in the onboarding process. Greetly’s visitor sign in system can offer an efficient sign-in experience for new hires. You can use this application to track new hires who signed in and out. It’s a great award-winning sign-in application that works on iPads and Android tablets.  


Mass personalization involves more than mere training. It is all about making the new hires feel like their expertise, interests, and preferences are considered. It enforces discipline and self-drive. That’s, you do not have to remind the workers that they should always be on time or do particular tasks. There are various ways to achieve personalization in your onboarding process easily.

You can provide only the relevant paperwork that captures all the details of the new hire with a welcome message designed specifically for them and the position. Train the employees and allow them to execute whatever they have learned on their own as this builds their confidence. Still, you can carefully select mentors and buddies that are a good fit for the new hire.

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Data-driven improvements

Thanks to the rapidly growing technology. Built-in survey tools and other integrated performance management processes can produce qualitative and quantitative data. With these data, employers can track the performance trends of the new employees against their engagement levels.

They can easily pinpoint specific aspects that need to be improved for the onboarding program to be effective. Still, they can easily predict the outcomes of the process depending on the measures they have put in place. This way, the company can enforce data-driven improvements without risking its resources.

Cultural assimilation

A virtual receptionist helps build company cultureSometimes back, culture was a big issue in the onboarding process. Cultural assimilation is more than mission, values, and the strategy used in the onboarding process. It’s all about designing activities and interventions so that the new hires will easily find out what it’s like to work in the organization.

Cultural assimilation can be supported through buddy systems and mentoring programs so that the employees won’t come to grips with the company’s unique features. These may be unwritten rules and other unique expectations not stated clearly during the orientation process. It’s through this that the employees will understand how to react when faced with a challenge and the best language they should mostly use.

Social networking

Social networking makes the new workers learn about the values and practices of the company fast. That’s why most companies are giving their digital savvy recruits social intranet access as soon as the onboarding process starts.

Social enterprise network opens up more opportunities for the new hires to connect with the company’s staff members. Here, they learn more about the business through the pictures, videos, or any other post uploaded on the platform. When implemented effectively, the social intranets boost the participation rates of new hires easily.

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