Things to Look for When Looking for a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have become more attractive after COVID as workers look to stay closer to home. Here is how to identify the best shared workspace for you.

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Coworking spaces are a growing trend where professionals who are looking for an untethered workspace go to. Remote workers looking for an environment that will fuel their productivity and creativity also opt for coworking spaces.

There is a lot that goes into looking for a coworking space. Location, transport costs, dining options, and size are just a few of the things people look out for. Here are some tips on what to look for in a coworking space.

Use of the Latest Technology

Best shared workspace visitor management solutionCoworking spaces should embrace new technologies in the space they create. Virtual visitor management software by Greetly is quite popular because of its unparalleled features. It is a touchless visitor sign in app that enables visitors to sign-in in one simple step and give out the details as per your requirement.

With Covid-19 still around, Greetly’s touchless interface makes it a great help in controlling the spread and for contact tracing if you find that someone Covid positive visited the office.

The Type of Culture in the Coworking Space

You may want to see if you fit in with the coworking space you are looking into joining. The culture can play a great role in your comfort and productivity in that workplace. Some coworking spaces are more casual than others, which may not be a cultural fit for some people.

Some people prefer going to work in a well-pressed three-piece suit, with a leather briefcase to top it all off. Walking into an office with people in khaki shorts, t-shirts and sandals may not be a suitable workspace for them. It could be uncomfortable for them, making the space not a great fit for them.

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Utilities Provided in the Space

Make a point to check into their utilities and their effectiveness. High-speed internet is an example of such necessary utility. People’s jobs are highly dependent on the strong internet. It will be pointless to leave your house in the morning to go to a coworking space with slow internet, yet you are looking to do productive work.

An uninterrupted power supply should also be among the key utilities provided at a coworking space. Power should always be available and when not, there should be an automatic backup generator that ensures an uninterrupted workflow. These are just a few of the utilities you need to look at before choosing a coworking space.

Good Work Environment

The thing most coworking spaces do not fail to deliver is the general look of the space. They are usually very chic and aesthetically pleasing. However, paying attention to factors such as lighting, smell, and noise around the area is very important. Small things can turn out to be extremely irritating and interfere with your ability to focus on simple tasks.

Things like poor lighting can lead to terrible headaches, bad smells completely interfere with your concentration, and noise affects productivity. This will lead to zero motivation to work and largely affect your productivity. Look out for such issues before settling for a coworking space, not just what it looks like.

Opportunities to Network

Coworking space networking eventsA major advantage of coworking spaces is their networking value. However, the networks you need for your work aren’t available in every coworking space. When looking for a coworking space, ask around about the people working there and see if there’s an opportunity to find connections that will benefit you and your business.

It will do you more good to be around a community of people in similar industries that share similar goals and values or businesses. You will be in a position to occasionally learn a thing or two at work and help each other out in different ways.

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