Greetly’s Visitor Management System Chosen by U.S. Space Command

Greetly was awarded a multi-year contract for visitor management at Schriever AFB, the third US Air Force contact awarded to the organization since 2020.

Three-year agreement is the third Air Force contract awarded to the organization since 2020

Greetly, the only fully customizable visitor management software in the world, is pleased to announce it was awarded a three-year contract with Schriever Air Force Base and has delivered a fully customized visitor management system to manage 100% of the base’s visitor volume through Schriever and U.S. Space Command’s shared visitor control center.

Named a top visitor management system for 2020 by Tech Times, Greetly’s visitor management system will provide Schriever and Space Command guests with a single point of visitor entry into the base and features a kiosk that enables administrative personnel to more efficiently perform their jobs by running Greetly's commercial software for queue management, video output, and display, and notifications of visitors.

When launched during the second half of 2021, base visitors will have a safer entry with shorter wait times. The base will have more comprehensive security and control of the process and the Security Forces personnel will manage fewer complaints while having a streamlined and automated workflow.

“Visitor management systems are one of the fastest-growing segments within the technology marketplace and Greetly’s solutions are unmatched for providing military bases and additional secure buildings with the peace of mind that a visitor will be guided by this technology into the secure space without any disruptions,” said Dave Milliken, CEO of Greetly. “Greetly was honored to earn the contract with Schriever Air Force Base and we are proud of the seamless process of building their customized visitor management system solution and look forward to working with additional military posts in the near future.”

This is the third contract earned by Greetly within the U.S. Airforce. In 2020 the company announced its work with Eglin Air Force base and is in the process of delivering its technology to the base during 2021. Greetly also won a Phase I contract to work with Air Force Recruiting Services last year.

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2020 saw Greetly reach many additional milestones which led to the dramatic growth of the organization including the launch of its touchless visitor management system, the first offering of its kind globally. Greetly’s no-touch offering was first announced in April of 2020 and offers clients an alternative to traditional visitor management systems and allows users to enter, exit, and announce their arrival to hosts from their mobile devices. For those interested in learning more about Greetly’s easy-to-implement and customizable visitor management solutions, please contact the organization here.

Denver, Colorado-based Greetly is the only fully customizable visitor management system serving enterprise and SMB clients across the globe. Greetly's digital receptionist app manages visiting customers, vendors, interview candidates, deliveries, facility tours, scheduled entries and exits, and more. This modernization to office reception capabilities results in significant time and money savings for Greetly clients. The technology - which provides instant visitor notifications, collects e-signatures, and prints visitor badges – can be branded and customized to the unique needs of each work environment. Greetly’s solutions are used by several brands including DHL, the Dallas Cowboys, Office Evolution, Randstad, and the United States Air Force. The organization was named a top place to work in Colorado by Built In for 2021.

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