The difference with Greetly's Customizable Sign-In App

The modern no-touch sign-in app to help your workplace thrive.

Greetly offers an easy-to-use and web-based interface that impresses your visitors. Our solution only shows your brand. Workflows perfectly suit your reception area needs, as you can customize them perfectly to suit you

Greetly launched the first no-touch visitor sign-in app to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other disesaes. It's our latest feature to help your office operate efficiently.

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How our visitor sign-in app can help you

An efficient sign-in experience

Modernize your reception area with our cloud-based sign-in app. Visitors will sign themselves in an easy-to-use application right on a tablet kiosk or perform a touchless sign-in with their own smartphone! Visitors quickly sign in to meet with a staff member, be seena as a patient, to attend an event, make a delivery or almost anything else you might need.

Stay productive - and healthy

Touchless??? Yes. Visitors can sign themselves in right from their own smartphone with no app to download. Greetly can capture the visitor's photo, contact information, and even have them review legal documents, capture electronic signatures and print badges. Visitors can sign out too - without having physical contact with kiosks or interaction with unecessary staff members.

Access your data anywhere, anytime

Keeping track of visitors can get complicated, but not with Greetly. Greetly's sign-in app is a web-based visitor management system that can help you track who has signed in and when they signed out. Use any (web-enabled) browser to sort, filter, search and download exactly the visitor logbook information you need.

Stay secure and in compliance

From eSignatures, visitor photos, and a secure sign-in app, Greetly provides everything you need to keep your workplace safe, secure and private. We also comply with the principals of GDPR and are the only Privacy Shield certified visitor sign-in app.

How Greetly's visitor management system works

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A visitor signs themself in

Upon arrival, visitors check themselves in. They can use an iPad / kiosk or go no-touch and use their own smartphone to sign-in. No app download is needed, and you can capture their photo, name, eSignature, the reason they are visiting and other information about them.


Instant employee notifications

Real-time notifications will alert you or your staff member upon the visitor's sign in via text, email, phone call, Microsoft Teams, Slack or Google Hangouts. See our many API integrations!


The visitor is greeted

The sign-in process is complete and business can proceed. All information is securely stored in your cloud-based visitor logbook. Greetly is a full featured, web-based visitor management system.

No touch visitor management system

Greetly, the award-winning sign-in app!

Greetly is a modern, full featured office visitor management solution. It's easy to use, but highly customizable - the perfect  sign-in app for your visitors. 

Greetly doesn't require expensive hardware. It frees you from what was inefficient use of human resources. Your "near the door" employees with have fewer distractions, and will thank you. 

Our award-winning visitor sign-in app uses iPad and Android tablets, technology your staff and visitors both know and understand. Greetly creates a great visitor sign-in experience, all the while keeping your workplace healthy and productive.

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Award-winning sign-in app

Greetly's robust feature set and ease of use delights clients, visitors and critics alike. From simple sign-ins to advanced touchless features, integrations and even visitor badges, Greetly is a spectacular Award Winning solution.



Some visitors are more tech savvy than others. With Greetly, our ease of use will delight even your least tech-experienced visitors.


Evacuation notifications

Need to clear the premises? Greetly can send immediate notifications to all onsite visitors and employees. Using Greetly, you can account for all visitors and staff.


Comprehensive customization

We made Greetly highly customizable, knowing that every workplace is different. Gretly showcases your brand, not ours, to visitors. You can easily edit or create new check-in workflows to suit your business needs. Greetly works for you.


Visitor badges

An important part of any front desk sign-in, badges are instantly printed, featuring the visitor’s details, photo, and any other relevant information.


Cloud-based visitor logbook

Greetly helps you keep track of your visitors. Using our web-based visitor management system, you can search, sort, filter and download visitor information from any web browser using the cloud-based visitor management logbook.

Greetly integrates with tools you already use

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Modern visitor management with the world's most customizable sign-in app

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