We have a winner! | Greetly’s 1st Annual $1,000 Computer Science Scholarship Contest

Posted by Greetly Digital Receptionist on March 1, 2021
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Congratulations to Tarik Salihoglu, winner of Greetly's 1st Annual Computer Science Scholarship!

We're thrilled to announce our first recipient of our $1,000 Computer Science scholarship and even more thrilled to read what inspires students to study Computer Science, including Tarik.


As one of four entry requirements, Tarik submitted an essay titled, “What inspired me to study Computer Science.”

In his essay, Tarik said that living with other Computer Science majors offered him insight into a variety of other students’ motivations to study in that field, eventually leading him to realize his own.

“I’ve heard many reasons for each person. Some wanted to make a good amount of money, some have always been interested in computers, some liked seeing their work be realized in front of them. In my case, however, I have two main reasons. Creativity, and convenience,” said Tarik “I could say studying computer science not only improves my practical life, but it’s also a release for my creative inner self.”

All of Tarik’s motivations align perfectly with Greetly’s motivation for offering this scholarship.

Greetly believes computer science and software development is the key to the future.  “We designed this program to offer some help to students who strive to become part of the next generation of IT professionals to ensure the technology marketplace thrives for generations to come. We are hopeful these scholarships offer a little relief for students as the cost of higher education continues to rise,” said Dave Milliken, Founder of Greetly.

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