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Video | How It Works: Award-Winning Visitor Management System

Video showcasing the award-winning Greetly visitor management system, reception notifications and easy-to-use app admin.

Ready to Save Your ADMINutes? Want to see the world's most customizable visitor check-in app in action? This quick animated video demonstrates:

Visitor Self-Registration App

Your visitors are greeted by the check-in kiosk.

They can easily choose the check-in option that fits the reason they came to your workplace.

Visitors quickly search or scroll to find the employee or host they are here to meet with.

Your organization can collect whatever information you want to capture from your visitors - or none at all.

Optional check-in features include taking visitor photos, printing temporary badges, and requiring that visitors eSign a non-disclosure agreement, waiver, or another legal document.

Instant Reception Notifications

Greetly immediately sends visitor notifications to the right employee. Options include any combination of:

Admin and Configuration

After scheduling a personal Webinar demo, use our onboarding guide to quickly set up your account.

Customize Greetly

Highly customizable visitor management system

Customize the visual settings for your visitor management system. Your visitors will only see your brand colors, your logo, and your images. Greetly is fully white-labeled.

Customize the check-in options visitors can choose from. Greetly can handle anything that happens in your reception area.

Choose what information you collect from visitors, tailored to each check-in option. Even ask your own custom questions. 

Customize the confirmation message visitors will see on the check-in kiosk. And the notification message that is sent to the host employee. You can insert the visitor's name and other information into the reception notifications; even their photo.

Sample temporary visitor badge keeps your workplace secureCollect photos, print visitor badges, and signatures. 

Add your own custom check-in options so the app perfectly suits your reception needs. Select who gets notified for each option. You can even re-arrange the order of the check-in options.

Managing Users

All subscription plans include unlimited users in the Greetly directory, whether you think of them as coworkers, employees, coworking space members, or different terminology.

Adding users is quick and easy. You can add a single user, bulk uploads your entire company directory, or sync your users from your existing IT systems using our Active Directory, Azure AD, and G Suite directory services integrations.

Customize the notification preferences for each other. 

Cloud-based visitor log and reportingVisitor Logbook

View all of your check-in using Greetly's digital visitor log

Search, sort, and filter visitor records.

Summary - Increase Productivity With Greetly’s Digital Receptionist App

If you manage an efficient workplace, whether an office and manufacturing facility or a retail business, you need to impress your guests. You also need to automate where possible. Modern technology brings the high-touch, high-tech office to your fingertips. 

Greetly's reception app is the complete package. Easy for visitors to use. With multiple types of real-time notifications guests and instantly connected with their host -- all while your admin staff is freed up to work on the most valuable tasks around the workplace. In the meantime, Greetly collects all of the information you need to keep your workplace secure -- your people, your data, and your physical assets. Everything is easy to customize and manage.

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