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Greetly Electronic Visitor Sign in App | Greetly Visitor Management

Administrivia is the bane of every office. Save your adminUTES with Greetly's electronic visitor sign in app and digital visitor management system.

Say you manage a small office. You're constantly looking for ways to increase productivity. And when you have visitors, you also need a professional appearance. You can hire a full-time receptionist. But that costs tens of thousands of dollars per year. Plus, you need to take someone away from their regular job to fill in for the receptionist when they are away from their desk. Or, you can go without a receptionist, but then employees near the door are distracted by every visitor and delivery. And let's face it, that leaves a poor impression. 

Front desk electronic sign in appIntroducing Greetly, an electronic visitor sign in app and digital visitor management system. Greetly is a visitor self sign-in app that welcomes your guests. After visitors input some information, Greetly notifies host employees by your choice of phone call, email, text, or Slack notification. Greetly is also a digital mailroom and package log, accepts food deliveries. Greetly can capture photos of each visitor, print visitor badges, and capture an eSignature for NDAs or other legal documents. And gives your company a detailed visitor logbook

Greetly will have an immediate, positive return on investment (ROI). Greetly will increase productivity. And because Greetly is 100% white labeled and very easy to customize, it will also improve the professional appearance of your office.

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