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Small Office Automation - 3 Simple Steps | Greetly Digital Logbook

Small office automation can help your company operate efficiently and produce more growth. Here are 3 workplace admin tasks you should automate today.

Small businesses can and should leverage cutting-edge technology in order to compete more effectively in their industry. While this may sound expensive and risky, it is not. Rather there are many reasons to launch office automation efforts. Startups, small businesses, and non-for-profits generally operate on a limited budget, and any opportunity to save time, money and resources should be grabbed.

For instance, there are a number of technologies that can help you automate a number of processes in your office and essentially contribute to better growth. Here are a few tasks that you can automate at your workplace if you have not done it already.

Social Media Marketing

Social media presence is important for all small companies, as it offers a level playing ground for engaging your target audience. But that does not mean that you need to do it manually. Invest in social media scheduling and content curating apps to reduce the time you spend posting online without affecting the quality of your posts or your level of engagement with an online audience.

Customer Support

Customer service rep using visitor management softwareUsing only email to deal with customers can be time-consuming, especially if you have identified a set of the most frequently asked questions. Integrate help desk software within your system to route all customer communications through a central portal. Such solutions can also be used to create a self-service portal for customers, which eliminates the need for a large customer service team.

Visitor Reception

Visitor sign-in app in office lobbyRegardless of what kind of service or product your business offers, your office will have to deal with visitors, package deliveries, and other guests. Instead of hiring a receptionist or admin, invest in a digital visitor sign in app like Greetly which can handle checkouts, package deliveries, and many other functions. This visitor sign-in app is also able to send notifications via SMS, email, voice call, or Teams, Chat, or Slack notification about visitors who have checked in at the office. 

Bonus -- Connect Everything with Zapier

Want to send visitor check in records to your CRM? Want to thank guests for coming or send them a post-visit survey? What about using a third-party database to automatically maintain your employee list?

This is where Zapier comes into play. Zapier connects over 3000. You don't need a team of developers to set it up either. Simply take their editor to build automation workflows, test them, and then take an extra-long lunch!


Small office automation can help save on money and staff and run a business more efficiently. The upfront investment often pays off in just a matter of months. And that does not take into account the increase in employee happiness of having their time valued because their task list sheds many mundane activities.

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