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Posted by Greetly Digital Receptionist on March 4, 2015
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Greetly’s visitor management system has grown rapidly since we launched in late 2014. Thanks to our clients who have taught us so much over the past few months. This post shares some tips from our clients about successfully implementing reception automation.

Visitor management systemWho uses reception automation?

Tip 1: Reception automation is for almost all offices

When we launched Greetly we expected it would be used by white-collar offices with between 20 and 100 employees. For the most part, this has held true. Yet Greetly is also used by much larger offices — as big as 1,200 employees. Clients include medical offices, government agencies and manufacturing facilities. Most surprisingly for a startup from Denver, Colorado, our product is already in use by companies in Australia, India and the United Kingdom.

Setting up your digital receptionist

Tip 2: Make your virtual receptionist kiosk prominent

Architects and interior designers use a concept called “wayfinding” to guide people without unsightly signage. Before placing your iPad receptionist, observe how visitors and hosts travel through your office. Place Greetly where it will attract visitors yet not interfere with employees’ path through the lobby. A visually attractive Heckler Design mount will also draw attention.

Tip 3: KISS — keep it simple stupid

While Greetly offers many customization options, it is best to start simple. Many visitors will be using a digital receptionist for the first time. The system is easy-to-use so stick with the basics.

Tip 4: Capture valuable visitor info

Somewhat contradictory to the last tip, if there is visitor information that will help you run a smart office, ask for it. This could benefit your marketing organization, for example, asking visitors to join your CRM database. Or it could help enhance security, like requiring a detailed reason for visiting.

Tip 5: Help visitors find the restrooms and refreshments

In any reception scenario, it usually takes a few minutes for the host to arrive in the lobby. Allow visitors to use that time wisely. Ensure it is clear where the restrooms are. And if possible, make beverages and light snacks available.

Tip 6: Send notifications that are seen by employees

Greetly’s iPad receptionist sends instant employee notifications by your choice of voice call, text and/or email. This features means employees are notified wherever they are — on their phone. Take advantage of multiple notifications to help employees are greeted efficiently.

Tip 7: Find or create an inconspicuous place for package deliveries

Package delivery companies are focused on efficiency. Greetly allows your office to be as efficient when receiving packages. Find a spot for drivers to leave packages out of sight from other visitors. Doing so will allow employees to pick up packages at their leisure.

visitor-management-system-ipad-receptionistMore benefits of a digital visitor management system

Tip 8: Get more done

Few offices today have a dedicated receptionist. Instead they rely on someone to handle multiple jobs. And we all know multitasking does not work. With reception automation in place, you will have an employee who can work on valuable tasks to make your office more productive.

Tip 9: Use your extra office space

Some of our clients have already decreased the square footage dedicated to reception. One has added a conference room and another a snack room for employees. Consider how additional space could boost productivity or employee satisfaction.

Tip 10: Analyze the data

A cloud-based visitor log can be invaluable in an evacuation. The data can also help managers in better times. Determining which employees receive the most clients is one use. Another is negotiating discounts with the restaurants that deliver food most often.


Previous articles have covered the many benefits of a visitor sign-in app. The tips above will help any office choose an effective digital receptionist for them. And to set it up to receive the best visitor experience and productivity gains.

We look forward to hearing your tips for getting the most from an automated receptionist.

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