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Why Coworking Spaces Love Digital Reception | Visitor Sign in App

Coworking spaces and executive suites love Greetly. So we asked our shared office client why they use Greetly. This article summarizes our findings.

When we launched the Greetly visitor check in app, we had a certain target user in mind — traditional offices with between 25 and 100 employees. Fast forward a few months and it is clear that coworking spaces and executive suites love Greetly. So we asked our shared office clients why they have fallen in love with our digital receptionist. This article summarizes our non scientific findings.

Digital Reception Saves Money

In order to achieve their business objectives, most shared offices have lean staffs. Few have dedicated receptionists whose mission is to greet and direct visitors. And across their operation they use various coworking software to increase efficiency. 

Many coworking spaces do in fact station one or more employees near the front door. However, their primary purpose is to satisfy the needs of the coworking space’s customers — the tenants and customers. This often pulls them away from reception area, or means their efforts on behalf of tenants will need to compete with the equally important priority of greeting visitors. Furthermore, given the high turnover within coworking spaces, the employee nearest reception may not know the how to contact the host.

Rather than creating an indifferent (or negative) visitor experience, Greetly fills that void. Hiring a dedicated receptionist to greet visitors could cost more than $35,000. Using an automated coworking reception app, great first impressions can cost as little as just $49 per month. Our recommendation: Use Greetly and free up your receptionist to serve your tenants – you save money on reception AND reduce customer churn.

Greetly Is Always Working

No matter how hard you work, you probably find tenants in the office when you arrive, and the lights burning long after you leave. That leaves visitors and food delivery services out in the cold when you or your receptionist are not present.

Today, tenants often leave their desks and wait for deliveries or to meet visitors outside of typical business hours. Greetly solves that. Greetly is available 24/7/365. Anytime. Any day. Your coworking reception app is there to connect visitors, deliveries and more with you tenants maximizing their productivity.

Greetly Positions Your Space as Tech-Forward

Like it or not, dedicated receptionists are a relic. A decreasing number of offices employ a live receptionist. Many receptionist have been replaced by ring bell for assistance signs, or even more often, no visitor reception system at all. Both of these approaches create a terrible impression for visitors.

Greetly showcases your shared office as tech forward. Greetly can easily be customized with your brand’s imagery and to the exact needs of your coworking space or executive suite. Greetly is a cost effective approach to creating the impression that your share office is ahead of the curve.

Tech forward reception is especially important for shared offices. Many current or prospective tenants will be lean companies with technical employees who will resist working in a stodgy, traditional office environment. Greetly give them and their visitors tech worthiness.

Visitors Prefer to Interact With Technology

Have you ever walked into an airport, seen that there is nobody in line at the check-in counter, but still made a bee-line for the self-service kiosk? Better yet, have you ever waited in line for an ATM machine even though there is nobody in line for the teller inside the bank?

For low-value interactions, like checking into a meeting at a coworking space, your visitors prefer to interact with technology than a human. This was demonstrated by research published in Harvard Business Review. Some key article findings:

  • Corporate leaders dramatically overestimate the extent to which their customers actually want to talk to them
  • This indifference [towards interacting with humans versus technology] holds regardless of their age, demographic, issue type, or urgency
  • Running your company as if customers want to talk to you isn’t just expensive, it’s potentially undermining your efforts


We don’t need to tell you — if you run a coworking space or executive suite, your goal is to maximize revenue while minimizing overhead. A visitor sign-in app like Greetly can be a valuable tool.

Greetly is a cost effective way to connect visitors with hosts all day, every day. Greetly will brand your shared space as on the cutting edge while creating a great visitor experience.

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