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3 Ways Greetly Leaves Lasting First Impressions | Reception Management

3 ways Greetly can help your reception area leave visitors with great first impressions.

"You never get a second chance to make great first impressions. Within a few seconds, with just a glance, people have judged your social and economic level, your level of education, and even your level of success… Although these evaluations happen in an instant, they can last for years: first impressions are often indelible."

Olivia Fox Cabane, Stanford Behavioral Scientist


Small offices may not have the resources of big company headquarters. Yet most want to convey a professional appearance. Here are three ways Greetly can help your reception area leave visitors with great first impressions.

First Impressions: Greetly Is Always Ready to Serve

Making a great first impression

Office receptionists, especially Superhero Receptionists, are great. But sometimes they take well-deserved breaks or go away on vacation. They also might need to step away from the lobby to perform their job or socialize with co-workers.

Greetly is always there to impress visitors. Every minute of every day, Greetly's visitor management solution welcomes guests to your smart office and efficiently connects them with their host employees. Visitors are always checked in quickly and have confidence their host has been notified.

Greetly Creates a Clean, Organized Lobby

A clean, well-organized lobby says a lot about your office. Similarly, requiring guests or employees to weave through the clutter is unprofessional and suggests disorganization. Greetly is a very affordable option for creating an attractive environment for those who pass through it.

A well-placed Greetly kiosk should be immediately visible when a visitor enters. However after visitors have connected with host employees, Greetly minimizes distractions. Versus a traditional reception desk or workstation, a Greetly kiosk is small leaving more room for decor that sets the tone of your office. Greetly is also quiet so visitors are not distracted by a receptionist speaking on the phone or with co-workers.

As soon as visitors see the Greetly virtual receptionist app, they will recognize your company as technologically advanced. This leaves the desirable perception that you are an innovative, modern office. Greetly has the added benefit of reinforcing your company’s progressive nature to employees every time they travel through the lobby.

If you have Greetly, what first impressions have your visitors shared with you? Please let us know, we would like to hear from you.


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