Terminology feature: Customize every word; Make Greetly multilingual

Posted by Greetly Digital Receptionist on May 31, 2018
Operate Efficiently

Operate Efficiently

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At Greetly, we believe customization is the heart of a great visitor management system. After all, our job is to represent your firm and to welcome your guests. So what if you wish to customize the verbiage in the Greetly app?

Introducing Greetly’s Terminology feature. This allows you to make Greetly's visitor check in app your own. It gives you the ability to customize each word to fit your work space and your industry’s terminology. You can even make Greetly multilingual so visitors can check in with their preferred language. You can now customize every word in the Greetly app. And we mean every word.

We Have Members, Not Employees

Have no fear, customization is here. Using the Terminology feature you can adjust verbiage throughout the app. You can change employees to members, show job titles or departments instead of company (which, let’s face it, get redundant if everyone in the directory works for the same company). You can even change “submit” to “let’s go” – the world is your oyster.

Guest checking in with a digital visitor management system

Multilingual? Try Every Lingual!

Today's modern office is a multilingual work space? Do visitors prefer to check-in using their native language?

By default, the visitor registration app displays English to visitors. This can easily be customized though if your office, or your visitors, speak another language. Simply head over to the terminology section of the Greetly admin. There you can adjust every word within the app to suit your needs.


Visitor management system allows you to customize terminology

OK, Let’s Do This

Setup your wording preferences in the web-based app admin – https://app.greetly.com. Once you are logged in, visit Tablet Settings > General.

The first section you will see are some common terms used throughout the app.

After those selections, use the drop-downs to make verbiage preferences for page titles, button names…..


At Greetly we work tirelessly so you can Save Your ADMINutes. Use the Terminology feature to make our Android and iPad Receptionist app truly your own. 100% white-labeled, your logo, your colors and now, the exact wording you want to project your brand image.

What Is Greetly?

An easy to use visitor management system. Which helps you save on a traditional receptionist. It is a fully customizable platform that integrates with all well-known messaging and client management systems. Clients have found it simple to set-up and manage.

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