Tips for HR Teams Hiring During Worker Shortage

With a severe labor shortage, employers are finding it difficult to hire qualified candidates. Visitor management software can help your firm hire.

Originally published by Realty Times. Re-posted with permission.

It may appear contradictory that despite many job opportunities opening up, unemployment still remains high and there’s a severe labor shortage in the U.S. Employers are finding it difficult to hire qualified candidates. 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce confirmed this shortage, reporting that despite the record number of job openings, a significantly disproportionate number of workers were available to fill them. Filling low-wage and hourly positions are a particular challenge. Solving the current hiring crisis won’t happen with outdated solutions. 

Invest in COVID-19 safety

Visitor using touchless check in softwareAs long as workers fear the impact of the virus on their health, they will be reluctant to return to work. For any in-office scenarios, organizations have to ensure COVID-related health and safety protocols are up-to-date. 

Greetly launched the first no-touch visitor check-in to help prevent risks of spreading the virus. It offers a modern visitor management system with an attractive, easy-to-use interface that does more than just track visitor activity but also increases security and compliance. 

Rethink what it means to be in the office

Positions may be more attractive if they offer more flexibility. This could include allowing a flexible work schedule or restructuring the workweek. This could result in higher employee satisfaction and a potential deeper candidate pool. Prioritizing remote work is important as workers have shown they place value on this option. 

Employers could also look at ways to improve accessibility or reduce commuting time. For example, restructuring a 40-hour workweek into four shifts of 10 hours instead of five days of 8 hours reduces commuting time. Having office hours outside of traditional rush hours could also reduce commute times.

Make adjustments to benefits

A comprehensive benefits package is more important to employees than ever before. This must go beyond the minimum package of health coverage, PTO and a 401(K) plan to attract top talent. Many companies are giving employees voluntary benefits today, such as financial counseling and pet insurance. Employees offered voluntary benefits can opt for more comprehensive packages that address their most important needs. 

Partnering with drop-off/pick-up services, providers of daycare and after-school services is attractive to employees with children trying to juggle their work and home schedules. 

Offer good compensation

Businesswoman with healthy snacksIt goes without saying that compensation is still one of the main factors that will persuade employees to take jobs. Adjusting salaries to the cost of living is a good place to start. Compensation levels across many industries have remained stagnant for many years, especially for hourly and low-salaried positions. 

Companies are starting to become more creative with compensation, offering programs to pay off college debt or signing bonuses to attract top candidates. 

Rethink job requirements 

Employers need to start removing barriers that could prevent individuals from entering the workforce, such as overly specific job requirements. Overly specific industry, company or software experience requirements could seriously affect the number of applications for positions. 

Eliminating these requirements and offering the requisite training instead could change this. Choosing the right candidates and providing them with the necessary training is often enough to give them the skills and experience they need. 

Candidates may be attracted by company culture

Compensation is important but company culture is too. Priorities have changed with the pandemic and employees want to feel as though they’re part of something bigger. LinkedIn is an invaluable social platform where businesses can maintain consistent visibility. 

For example, current employees can share their experiences of what it’s like to work at the company. Individuals looking for jobs want to know what a company stands for and whether they fit in and be happy. 

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