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Posted by Greetly Digital Receptionist on October 6, 2014
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Can a virtual receptionist kiosk really help your small office increase profit? Yes it can! “Hire” Greetly and save your office tens of thousands of dollars versus hiring a live office receptionist. Plus your virtual receptionist is always available and will the increase productivity of your office.

Want to save $37,076? Hire a virtual receptionist

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012, the median receptionist salary was $25,990. If you require additional skills, like a bilingual receptionist or one with knowledge of a particular industry, their salary is likely to be higher. Bureau of Labor Statistics research also shows that salary is just 70.1% of total compensation for private sector workers, with benefits making up the balance. The chart below calculates the total cost of hiring an office receptionist to be over $37,000! And this does not take into account soft costs like management time spent with the receptionist, office space, equipment and more. With a little help from an virtual receptionist like Greetly, your office can save big. Greetly plans start at just $49 per month meaning your office can reduce annual expenses by more than $35,000 per year!

Chart of cost savings from a virtual receptionist

Additional benefits of your virtual receptionist

Greetly offers much more than just cost reduction; your virtual receptionist is literally always available to welcome your visitors. Greetly operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7) – with no overtime pay for holidays. Greetly never takes a vacation or lunch break. Greetly creates great first impressions by leaving the impression you run an innovative, modern office. It can even capture legal document eSignatures. If a virtual receptionist could save your office tens of thousands of dollars, wouldn’t you start today?


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What Is Greetly?

An easy to use visitor management system. Which helps you save on a traditional receptionist. It is a fully customizable platform that integrates with all well-known messaging and client management systems. Clients have found it simple to set-up and manage.

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