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How to Maximize the Productivity of Your Super Receptionist | Greetly

Many receptionists double as company superhero. Use these tips to maximize the productivity of your receptionist and to help them succeed.

Many companies expect their receptionists to be superheroes. A successful receptionist must maintain a professional demeanor at all times and with everyone who interacts with the company, both employees and visitors. Receptionists must be savvy with a variety of technical tools that help them perform their duties and to improve the communication within the company. Receptionists often need to juggle multiple responsibilities and assist the administrative staff with managing the work flow. As they play such a crucial role in the daily success of your organizations, here are some tips for how you can maximize the productivity of your receptionist.

Visitor management system in kiosk hardware3 Tips to Maximize the Productivity of Your Receptionist

  1. Provide the right tools: The productivity of your receptionist depends on whether you provide the right tools. If you wish to boost productivity, providing easy-to-use office automation systems is a necessity, as most of the tasks they have to perform are time bound. You need to make sure that they have access to a computer with the right software tools, a capable phone system, printers, copiers and other such tools that will be needed on a daily basis. A skilled receptionist with the right tools can make sure that your company is running smoothly.
  2. Use an office automation system: A digital visitor check in system like Greetly can dramatically reduce the work load on the receptionist. This sign-in app is able to efficiently handle visitor  check ins, package deliveries and many other such tasks. As the receptionist does not have to deal with such repetitive tasks, they may focus on other critical tasks that cannot be automated.
  3. Allow them focus only on high value projects: If you use a digital receptionist, it frees up your receptionist’s schedule, allowing them to focus on the most important parts of the business. High value projects will automatically receive much more attention, which means that your business will be better able to collaborate with other businesses and gradually build revenue.


The three tips above are proven to boost the productivity of your receptionist. We recommend using a smart visitor sign in app like Greetly to help minimize the distractions your receptionist faces through the day, allow them to get more accomplished for your organization.

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