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What Managers Should Do to Be Beloved by Employees

Posted by Greetly on February 12, 2019

With Valentine's Day around the corner, you may be thinking about roses, chocolates and dinner plans. V-Day is also an opportunity to focus on the other important relationships in your life -- all the people you work with, especially your employees. After all, most of us spend more time with your co-workers than your significant other.

The modern employee chooses where to work for both financial and non-financial reasons. So while employees may not have to truly love working for their manager, well, they really do. Let us discuss what should a manager do to be beloved by his or her employees.


Great two-way communication is a key managerial skill

Traits of a Better Manager

To get employees to start telling others around and outside the company about how great you are, make sure you can:


Everyone does things for a reason. Be it good work or disappointing, there will always be reasons -- the motivations. A good manager will have the perceptive maturity to evaluate and uncover what motivates each and every individual employee. Once understood, a great manager will simulate that motivation in his or her employees.


By definition, a manager is also a leader. This means setting a clear vision and direction for the team, along with a positive spirit about their purpose. While this feels easy to do in a time of progress and prosperity, a great leader can achieve the same even in problematic situations.


Communication is vitally important to be loved by employees. A leader must always connect with employees on a formal as well as a social basis. Be it greeting them with a warm welcome as they enter the office or in giving feedback after a big meeting.

Listen with Compassion

One of the best ways to communicate is to listen. A leader should always deal with his or her team compassionately. Put yourself in the shoes of your employees. Whenever necessary, take into consideration the personal lives of employees. This will help build a rapport that is stronger than the next project and will increase employee regard for your leadership.


Even if you have mastered all of the skills above, employees will still know you are not perfect -- they will probably have the easiest time pointing our your managerial flaws. So they are looking for you to be open to feedback and ideas. If they see their manager improve over time their respect will rise even higher.

Be Ethical

Employees demand an ethical person as their leader. Since a great number of employees imitate what their manager would do, it is imperative the manager would be ethical in all his dealings. Managing the office ethically creates a relaxed atmosphere and builds a team that would have faith in its manager.


Traits of a beloved manager

Small Gestures Can Make All The Difference

Grand gestures and world-class perks are not always required. Ultimately, employees want to enjoy the work they do and the people they are surrounded by. Yet today's modern office design has actually increased distractions that are costly to productivity and quality.

Start by removing those obstacles. Like check-in apps that send employees real-time notifications when their visitor or delivery has arrived. A digital visitor management system means no more waiting around reception or being distracted every time the door swings open. You can also bring the team (hopefully healthy) snacks mid-afternoon to keep people energized and motivated. Or, in an era of job hopping, simply acknowledging work anniversaries can help build a sense of loyalty to you and the organization.

See Greetly in Action


None of us are born great leaders. So let's make a Valentine's Day resolution to start (or continue) building the traits of a beloved manager. A mélange of flexibility and positivity will help him immensely in achieving the above-mentioned traits. Success will help you attract and retain the best employees, boost financial results and everyone will enjoy their time in the office.


Topics: Research, Leadership

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