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What Is “Retina Display” | Greetly Digital Visitor Management System

Retina display is a proprietary technology developed by Apple. iPads with retina display technology have a high density of pixels giving a very sharp look.

Retina display is a proprietary technology developed by Apple Devices with the retina display technology have a high density of pixels and they are packed closely on the screen, so much so that they are imperceptible to the naked eye from a very close distance. For example, an Apple iPhone 4 has almost 300 pixels packed on its display screen which means most people won’t perceive the separate pixels from even as close as 12 inches.

The number of pixels needed to qualify a particular screen as a retina scan can vary because there are two factors responsible for making the pixels imperceptible. One is the pixel density and the other is the distance of the device from the user’s eyes. It is a general fact that the bigger the size of the screen, the further the user is likely to hold it from their eyes. That means a Macbook or an iPad tablet computer will have lower pixel density than an iPhone 4/5/6. In general, Apple has the technology to transform the display of a device to its much-celebrated Retina by making the number of pixels along the length and the width twice of what you will find in a non-Retina screen.

There is a catch. If the pixel density is increased horizontally and vertically, there is also a chance the size of the icons and menus would shrink. So, in order to compensate for the reduction in size, Apple has introduced the HiDPI mode in which the display interface elements are doubled in size along horizontal and vertical sides to improve visibility.

Next steps - Wow visitors with retina display

How should you take advantage of this new technology? Set up an iPad visitor management system like Greetly with Retina display in your reception area or store. A visitor check-in kiosk will improve visibility and wayfinding. Greetly will draw visitors’ eyes to all the important information on the screen and help them engage easily. With all the benefits of Greetly, your visitor experience will improve.

Here are several ways to use retina display technology to improve productivity for your organization.

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