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Will a Visitor Check in App Revolutionize Your Business? | Greetly

Digital visitor check in technology has already revolutionized travel. See how you can bring the cost saving benefits to your business today.

Digital visitor check in technology has already revolutionized travel. You’ve preferred checking in with a kiosk at the airport for over a decade now. Hotels are implementing visitor check in apps too.

How does this impact your business? The same digital visitor check in technology can replace your company’s greeter. iPad reception apps can be seen in small offices, beauty salons, and coworking spaces around the globe.

Hilton Hotels in the US created a technology revolution hospitality. Hilton allows travelers (members using the HHoners app) to select a room and check in digitally. Their digital key allows members to bypass the hotel check in desk. They use their smart phone as a key for room entry.

The brilliance of the Hilton programs is travelers use their own, personal technology. It puts customers in control with tools they are comfortable using. Hilton reduces their fixed and variable costs of running a hotel. Greetly is a digital visitor check in app that is ready to help you bring the same benefits to your company.

Reasons You Should Start Using Digital Check In Tomorrow:

  1. Complete visitor management solutionUser friendly: Digital check in technology allows visitors to check themselves in. No more asking the office manager to handle package deliveries. Visitors use familiar technology and handle the task themselves.
  2. Accurate: The data of the visitor is collected accurately since the visitors are filling in the fields themselves. There is no chance of a discrepancy.
  3. Fast: Everything happens instantly. There are no distractions or chance of forgetting. The technology complete all check in tasks within seconds.
  4. Highly secured: Any information collected is transmitted using the latest encryption techniques. The data is also kept perfectly safe. Yet is can be easily accessed from the cloud.
  5. Visitor report: These apps can also keep track of the number of times the visitor signed in or signed out or the time of entry or exit. Even NDAs you have visitors eSign when they your premise. All of this vital information can be stored in a digital log book for future reference and analytics.


Visitor check in apps are easy to install and easier to use. Schedule your no-obligation personal Webinar demo today, and improve the UX of your customer experience tomorrow.

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