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Advantages of Digital Visitor Sign in App | Visitor Registration

A digital visitor sign in app helps small offices save money and increase productivity. See the advantages of this easy-to-use automation software.

Visitor sign in software applications are a recent invention. Yet they have already proven valuable in helping small offices to save money. These apps can also help an organization create a digital visitor log, eliminating the paper books used for decades.

Visitor sign in software acts as a virtual receptionist for small offices. Few companies maintain a dedicated human receptionist. Rather, many have the office manager or another junior employee man the reception area. Digital visitor check in apps eliminate this productivity sucker. They free up the work force of you company so employees can focus on revenue generating projects, leaving visitor log books to computers. These apps also reduced any human errors and poor decisions your receptionist could make.

Visitor sign in software advantages:

  1. Intuitive systems: Greetly’s visitor sign-in app is intuitive. It can make distinctions between first time and repeat visitors. This saves everyone time.
  2. Highly customizable: Greetly’s digital visitor management system can be customized to the unique needs of your office. Want to change the colors and imagery to match your branding? Piece of cake. Want to customize the information you collect? Easy as pie with Greetly.
  3. User friendly: Modern visitor management apps like Greetly are very easy to use. Focused on user experience, they lead visitors through the digital check in process in a very intuitive manner. There is no need for the visitor to put up with the mood swings or idiosyncrasies of human receptionists. These apps are perform their tasks professionally and perfectly every time.
  4. Always working: Visitor sign in apps work 24/7/365. They don’t take smoke breaks, leave for the night or go on vacation. One day of a temp will cover the cost of Greetly for a year.
  5. Simple to deploy: Setting up Greetly takes just a few minutes and requires no technical skills. The app runs on the user-friendly iPad. You can setup your visitor sign in software, or schedule a free Webinar demo, on your coffee break.


This article should dispel any confusion regarding digital reception apps. In this increasingly digital age, visitors are tech savvy and want to be empowered. They have no patience for waiting. Greetly’s visitor sign in software is a smart approach that has a high ROI.

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