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High Touch Technologies Your Employees Will Love | Check-in App

You might think of technology as the opposite of high touch. Rather, today's high-touch technologies nearly perfectly customize the user experience.

You might think of technology as the opposite of high touch. That does not need to be the case though. Rather, only by leveraging technology can you and your organization can nearly perfectly customize a user's experience to their personal preferences. In fact, a majority of your customers - and not just the younger millennials - do NOT want to talk to you!

In an office environment, high touch technologies can make your employees' lives much easier. Becoming a smart office your employees love is just a matter of providing the right tools. After a bit of a learning curve, perhaps, you will watch productivity soar.


High Touch Technologies to Implement Today

Employee using high tech augmented reality glassesAfter scouring the (digital) planet, and using many of these tools ourselves, we are proud to present the high touch office automation technologies your organization should implement right away. 

  • Automated scheduling systems: Let's face it, scheduling meetings is surprisingly time consuming. You are cross-referencing the availability of attendees, the conference rooms that fit your needs, and the assets you require. And then you find out everything changed for a key participant. Using tools like or Julie Desk will automate these tasks in a manner that saves everyone involved hours per week.
  • Marketing automation: Digital marketing is complicated. You have a lot of data about your target customer, and a lot of channels of communication. If you are going to get the best results, you need to send personalized, relevant messages to each prospect and customer - oh, and at the right time too. Other than each sales person's top 2-3 customers, this is essentially impossible without implementing marketing technologies. While there are many tools to consider, HubSpot and Marketo are to of the industry's more comprehensive products.
  • Video conferencing: It is almost always better to meet a customer or prospect in person. It is not always practical though, or the ROI of travel time and cost might not be there. Better than a phone call, use video conferencing. Not only does it bring some of the benefits of a face-to-face meeting, you can also be looking at the same visual materials - a demo, financial data or presentation. At Greetly, we use Zoom although there are lots of great alternatives on the market. 
  • Automated reception: No modern office design is complete without a visitor check-in app. These inexpensive visitor registration apps bring speed and efficiency to reception. A visitor can check themselves in and employees are instantly notified via phone call, email, text message or Slack notification. Greetly can also capture photos, print visitor badges, capture document eSig and store everything in your digital visitor logbook. You will be surprised at how happy your visitors are checking in with Greetly versus idle receptionist small talk. 
  • Sales call reporting: Walk over to your sales team right now and ask them about reporting. Likely they Greetly check-in appwill tell you they either aren't doing many sales reporting or believe they are spending too much of their time on this task. With high touch technologies from Salesforce or AgileCRM, you can automate call logging, keynotes, and follow-ups in real-time. This will ensure key tasks are not missed without burning your reps' time on the phone or in the field.


Your team doesn't need to be afraid of high touch technologies. Rather than creating a cold workplace, today high tech high touch technologies are effective at creating efficiency and personalization. The tools mentioned above, plus the countless other automation categories were did not cover, will free up your staff improving the office culture and human interactions of your team. And they are affordable. Many of the tools mentioned in this article will cost you less than you spend running the coffee machine

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