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What Not to Do in 2015 | Greetly Visitor Management System

To maximize productivity we offer a list of what not to do. If you have no vision, no focus and are willing to hire anybody your business will suffer.

Welcome to 2015! Hopefully you are well rested and all of your holiday hopes came true. To help you maximize productivity this year, here is a list of what not to do.

Have No Vision

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision – Helen Keller

A well-written vision statement describes what your organization will look like five to 10 years in the future. Like your business plan, it is important to have a vision and to review it on a regular basis. Communicating a clear vision is critical to aligning your team towards common goals. Without one, individual employees and teams are likely to make decisions in a siloed manner, even if unintentional.

While we generally think of visions at the corporate level, major departments should all have a vision that supports the overarching goals. Here are some resources to help you build your company or department vision:

Try to do Everything

You should focus on one important goal – Larry Paige

Any entity, regardless of size, needs to focus. In fact, companies with fewer priorities achieve higher revenue growth. Therefore, with your vision in place, determine a very small (generally 3-5) number of priorities for your company or department this year. As the year progresses, it is important to forego potential distractions.

Hire Just Anybody

People are definitely a company’s greatest asset – Mary Kay Ash

The wrong employee will have a negative impact on productivity and employee morale

And usually the most expensive too. The right employees are crucial to your long-term success. Hiring the wrong employees is costly in terms of lost wages, time and costs of hiring and retraining replacements. It is worth holding out until you find a prospective employee that can execute the current project list and fit your company’s culture.

Of course, hiring more people is not always the most efficient solution. Consider office automation tools like Greetly's visitor management system to streamline visitor check-in and to free up your staff. You can also compare hiring full-time employees versus contractors or outsourcing.


A new year means a new opportunity for your business to shine. Yet if you have no vision, no focus and are willing to hire anybody that opportunity will likely to slip away. If you haven’t done so already, spend some time this month to prepare your business for maximum productivity and profit.

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