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No-Touch Visitor Management for Business Continuity During Crisis

Greetly has stepped forward during the pandemic with the adoption of touchless check-ins for employees and visitors supporting social distancing at work.

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COVID 19 pandemic has forced the world to change its way of functioning with social distancing becoming an unspoken rule. While it is easier to practise social distancing in personal surroundings, adapting the same for our professional workspace remain a challenge.

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As voices are being raised for the adoption of touchless check-ins for employees and visitors, the question remains how it can be achieved. Visitor management apps have stepped forward to provide the answer.

What is a Visitor Management App?

A visitor management application or visitor screening software system is a digital check in system which helps an organization keep track of people, other than hired employees, entering the company premises.

Visitor tracking app is essential for restricting visitors from accessing confidential areas, monitoring their movement inside the company premises and ensuring that they have indeed left the office once they check out.

Visitor management system app do not require any employee to physically meet the visitor to provide them entry or exit. Visitor management apps automate the process of a visitor’s entry and exit based on pre-approvals and online registrations and digitally track their movements.

Global Visitor Management Software Market

The demand for no-touch visitor management apps has seen a significant increase in the past 6 months. The current valuation of the no-touch visitor management system is just shy of 850 million USD. By 2025 the same valuation is expected to be more than double and reach up to 1640 million USD.

Visitor Management Apps: Forecast

In 2020 and coming years visitor management apps will see increased demand and a constantly rising market value. This will include the following factors:

  1. Impact of COVID 19

To avoid unsolicited visitors physically accessing entry devices and to contactless and secure entry and exit, companies will opt for touchless visitor management.

  1. Technology Holds the Key

Touch-based visitor management apps are quickly being replaced by no-touch systems. As companies open after the lockdown, such apps and software will hold more prominence for the secure screening of visitors on company premises.

  1. Staying Compliant with Health Standards

Visitor management apps will also be in demand to help organisations stay complaint with the latest health standards. No touch visitor screening would be inculcated to mitigate any risk related to connecting with symptomatic/asymptomatic persons.

Importance of Touchless Check-In During the Crisis Situation

Visitor management software market has seen a significant increase in revenue since COVID 19 pandemic broke out. Visitor management apps have become essential for creating a safe space for visitors as well the workforce of a company. Such apps have emerged as a potent tool to ensure business continuity during and post coronavirus pandemic.

Following are some steps which can be enforced along with the technology adoption to ensure safe visitor management for your organization:

Pre-Registration of Visitors

During such a crisis, it is important that you shift to an invite only basis where each visitor is pre-registered using visitor management apps. This will prevent surprise visitors from arriving in the company premises and lead to better management of the workplace safety.

Inform Requisites of Your Check-In Process Beforehand

While inviting visitors to your office, it would be beneficial if you could provide details about your check in process such as temperature check at entry point, wearing face mask or face shield, no touch identification such as QR code scanning and much more. This will make the visitors prepared well in advance and avoid confusion at entry/exit points.

  • Health and Temperature Check at Entry Point

You can introduce health and temperature check mechanisms before any visitor is granted entry to ensure that the visitors are not carriers of the disease.

Generate eBadges Automatically

The organization can install a printer adjacent to the check in system which automatically generates E-badges rather than a front desk employee physically signing them for the visitor.

Automatic Notification Upon Visitor’s Arrival

When a visitor signs in successfully, the concerned person whom they are to meet can be automatically notified about their arrival via SMS, email or some other medium.

Discuss the Agenda of Visit Before the Arrival

Visitor management system apps can be used effortlessly to establish communication with visitors regarding their activities when they are within the company premises. This will help in reducing the time spent on explaining things to the visitors in person.


Greetly visitor management app is a fully customizable visitor management system which is used for touchless check in of vendors, interview candidates, packages and much more. Greetly no touch visitor management system also generates visitor badges and takes their e signatures on health and safety compliance documents.


Self check in

Regular visitors can use a self-service kiosk or they can check in on Greetly's touchless visitor management app by entering their email id or number.

Access control

Greetly visitor management app helps in tracking visitors and preventing them from accessing confidential areas.

Preregistration of visitors

Organisations can send invites to multiple users at the same time using Greetly visitor management apps.

Document scanning

Visitors can scan their government-issued identification documents such as a passport or a driver's license to establish their identity.


Greetly visitor management app can be customized to provide a unique sign in experience to each visitor


Starting price of this visitor tracking software is ₹5941.51. Further details can be obtained from the official website.

Supported platforms: Web-based, iOS, Android

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