Office Security Trends in 2022

We track the latest office security trends as organizations return to work in full or hybrid environments, including new factors to protect people and data

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Nothing is safe anymore. With the pandemic, cloud infrastructure has become the norm across all businesses. Of course, this has just attracted more cybercriminals.

We’re seeing weird weather patterns and we’re seeing ever more weird, crazy people out there. It means that office security trends in 2022 will have to be geared towards fire- and intruder security alarms being installed for the safety of workers and to also meet insurance requirements.

Visitors to be constantly identified

Check-in software prints visitor badgesYour reception area plays an important role in communicating a brand image. It’s supposed to be professional – efficient, welcoming, and safe. We’re living in hazardous times and it’s important to keep tabs on who comes into the reception area. Employees need to feel sale and privacy needs to be protected from uncontrolled access.

visitor management system is going to be imperative in 2022 as security tightens. Visitors will be required to sign in digitally and have a visitor badge to be constantly identified. When you use these digital sign in’s, they maintain detailed records of visitors. Greetly is the most sought-after digital sign-in system. It can integrate with other systems you have, and it is totally customizable to suit your unique reception and visitor set-up. Being a touchless visitor check-in system, guests can check-in directly from their phones.

Ransomware attacks

Using visitor management to keep hackers out of your work environmentBe prepared to see an increase in cyber security in 2022 as we see more ransomware attacks. The pandemic has seen the world moving into a more digital environment. This ransomware infects devices with viruses, threatening to destroy them. The virus also threatens to publish data publicly, resulting in an organization being liable to massive fines.

This ransomware is deployed through phishing attacks, with employees being tricked into clicking links that download malware onto a computer. This ransomware even targets important infrastructure such as waterworks and hospitals. Offices are going to have their hands full tackling this kind of threat in 2022.

Attacks on certain people

While 2022 will see an increase in attacks on infrastructure, the world will also see attacks on certain individuals. Referred to also as murder by contract, there will be targeted killings towards the likes of whistle-blowers and others to helo criminals achieve their goals.

The murders of these people are for political and economic gain. So 2022 will see a focus on attacks against individual employees by means of mobile devices. Authentication methods such as smart cards and biometrics will be more evident in efforts to improve security for vulnerable employers and employees in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence

Analyzing and improving cybersecurity will see more Artificial Intelligence-based tools emerging in 2022. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be important technologies in information security.

This is because they are able to analyze and identify different kinds of threats – from malware to risky behavior that will result in a phishing attack. Offices will be involving AI more in 2022 to detect and respond to deviations. It is believed that AI is perfectly suited to solve some of our most difficult crime and security problems.

Zero Trust Policy

Office security scanning visitor driver's licenses for person verificationIt’s true – you can scarcely trust anyone these days. In 2022, we will see increased adoption of the Zero Trust security model. This is particularly true because of the hybrid working set-up we’re seeing today. We’re moving to a time when everyone needs to be regarded as a possible threat.

Zero Trust is a security framework where everyone, regardless of whether they are in an organization or out of it, will have to be authorized and validated for security configuration before being granted access to anything office-related.

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