Secrets to Deliver a Killer Presentation to a Potential Client

Some valuable skills to focus on to create great impressions and to deliver winning prospective client presentations.

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If you want to inform certain people about something big happening at work, you’ll want to give a presentation. Then you’ll also have to think about what kind of presentation you will be giving and how to deliver a killer presentation that makes an impact. One of the most important aspects of delivering a super memorable presentation is to prepare early for it and not wait until the last minute.

Secure storage of visitor’s details 

Office guest using visitor management software to sign NDAsThe usual way of receiving people to a presentation no longer works. These days, apart from a warm welcome, you have to think of people’s health. It’s why a visitor sign in app puts everyone at rest. It’s touchless visitor sign-in software by Greetly and available through a self-service kiosk or on a person’s smartphone. Also, all information is securely stored in the cloud-based visitor logbook.

Nothing is set in stone either and you can customize Greetly to suit your particular brand and reception needs. There’s nothing complicated about their cloud-based visitor management system that helps any business keep efficient track of visitors who have signed in and out. 

Start off strongly

How you start your presentation is the most important aspect of all. It’s getting your audience’s attention right from the start so you have to get your presentation off with a statement that grabs their attention. 

You need to look the part, your voice needs to be strong and authoritative and you want to come up with an original, fascinating introduction to your presentation. The introduction will introduce your topic, and if your presentation promises to be short, you can expect to hold your audience’s attention throughout. 

Keep things short

If you’ve been given 15 minutes to talk, it doesn’t mean you have to use up the 15 minutes. In fact, when there is less time to get your point across, every minute counts and you won’t be inclined to fill up your presentation with unnecessary information. People are sick of listening to boring waffling. They want short, impactful presentations of the most important points. 

Therefore, you need to know your audience and establish what they already know so that you can cut out any information that won’t be of value to them. There are bound to be segments of the presentation that can be left out entirely. 

Use your voice and gestures effectively

You can help to make your presentation even better by using your voice effectively. Did you know that even a slight change in your voice can alter the meaning of a sentence? You will need to vary the speed at which you talk and also change the tone and the pitch of your voice if you don’t want your audience falling into a trance. 

Your body language, too, is important for getting the message across. Wild hand gestures and dramatic pacing will only have people’s attention drawn to your gestures rather than to what you’re saying. You want to use your hands in a calm way to help with enhancing your key points as opposed to detracting from them.

Know your stuff

Best visitor management solutionBefore you can convince your audience of your ideas, you need to be sold on the idea yourself. It’s hard trying to convince somebody of something that you’re not particularly persuaded about yourself. A persuasive presentation has the goal of convincing the audience to accept your point of view. That’s why it is so important that you don’t come across as unsure and unconvincing. 

You need to inspire confidence in your idea or product, so if you have a say in the matter, only give a presentation when you have a good idea of the topic. Responding to questions after the presentation can be embarrassing and harrowing when you don’t have knowledge or interest in your topic. 

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