WUN Systems Announces Partnership with Greetly

WUN Systems partners with Greetly, a cutting edge iPad visitor management system. Since launch, Greetly has excelled in making the workspace smarter.

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Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2017 --WUN Systems ( is excited to partner with Greetly (, a cutting-edge digital visitor management solution for the iPad. Since launch, Greetly has excelled in making the workspace "smarter" through unique features for visitor management. Through its tablet computer interface, Greetly efficiently connects visitors to hosts, notifying them via their choice of email, phone, and text message. This solution creates the perfect first impression for visitors, clients, customers, and prospective clients. The new partnership with WUN Systems is geared to further the promise of providing the best in managed workspace technology.

Greetly has excelled in assisting small offices in saving money, increasing productivity, and creating great first impressions with visitors. This new partnership brings Greetly into the scope of Coworking and Shared Workspaces. The need for Greetly is great given a high tech clientele, lean staffing and the importance on exceptional tenant services in this field. When using Greetly, visitors can select the reason for visiting (meeting with a member, interview, food delivery, etc.) through which Greetly will notify the host. Hosts can meet the visitor directly or choose to communicate directly with the visitor. Greetly can also capture visitor photos and help build a shared workspaces CRM database by capturing prospective tenant and event check-ins. Regarding the new partnership, Dave Milliken, Co-Founder of Greetly explained, "Working with WUN will accelerate our ability to modernize office reception. Traditional office environments and their visitors love Greetly, and we are excited to expand our presence into shared workspaces."

Through integration with the WUNHD platform, visitors will be connected to an end-to-end system that synchronizes directly through an office's entire voice, data, CRM, and management system. Through the WUNHD system, Greetly will allow visitors to create appointments and check for available space through which they can book directly. WUNHD not only simplifies and streamlines all IT operations and management, it also works to empower businesses by providing a "smarter" workspace.

About Greetly

Greetly is the only fully customizable visitor sign in software serving enterprise and SMB clients across the globe. Greetly's digital receptionist app saves valuable time and dollars by modernizing customer’s office receptionist capabilities by managing their visiting customers, vendors, and interview candidates, as well as package and food deliveries, facility tours, secured facility entry/exit, and more. From instant visitor notifications and collecting NDA and other legal document eSignatures, to printing visitor badges, Greetly can be customized to the branding and unique receptionist needs of every work environment. Greetly’s solutions are used by several brands including DHL, Office Evolution, the United States Airforce, the Dallas Cowboys, and Randstad. The company was named in 2020 as a Key Company within the visitor management space by QY Research. To learn more and start a free trial, click here

About WUN Systems

WUN Systems provides an end-to-end technology platform for workspaces. Their unique solution provides a seamless, all-in-one integration for co-working spaces and high-growth businesses, making advanced technology simpler and less expensive for the workplace of the future. WUN Systems' technological solutions simplify and centralize the control of all IT systems to allow for a "smart" workplace – helping IT, accounting, and employee management become more efficient than ever before. By allowing all of the technology to intelligently work together, the WUN platform ensures that your workplace is designed to maximize efficiency, productivity, and community. WUN Systems powers over 4.5 million square feet with over 50,000 end-users throughout North America and the UK.

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