essensys Integrates With Greetly

essensys and Greetlylaunched an integration where Greetly’s digital receptionist and mailroom apps have been integrated into Operate.

Originally published by essensys. Reposted with permission.

Coworking space software  integration between essensys Operate and Greetlyessensys customers can now have a digital receptionist that greets visitors to their flexible workspace

(London, May 28, 2019) essensys, the leading provider of mission-critical software for tech-driven flexible workspaces, and Greetly, provider of visitor workspace technology for coworking spaces and flexible workspaces, are launching an integration. As a result of their collaboration, Greetly’s digital receptionist and mailroom apps have been integrated into Operate, the comprehensive workspace management platform by essensys. This integration allows essensys Operate customers to save time by automating the reception function so community managers can focus on community.

“Our technology powers the world’s largest community of tech-driven flexible workspaces,” says James Shannon, Chief Product Officer at essensys. “These customers can now free staff from manual tasks and increase productivity by streamlining the visitor registration process. This integration will improve workspace efficiency and security while offering a better member experience across the board.”

Thanks to this integration, mutual essensys and Greetly customers can save even more time. The integration automatically syncs essensys member lists with Greetly so that information appears in real-time with zero manual effort. For coworking space members, Greetly’s modern office interface creates great first impressions and, thanks to instant reception notifications, important visitors are never kept waiting.

“Coworking space community managers are our heroes. They create meaningful workplace communities and help their member clients succeed,” says Dave Milliken, Founder & CEO at Greetly. “That’s why we built Greetly to help these heroes without capes save their valuable time and operate efficiently. Integrating with essensys, the coworking industry software leader is a natural fit. Working together, these two beloved products help coworking communities thrive.”

Looking forward, Greetly will help mutual customers grow their most important metrics – their memberships and CRM databases – by pushing prospects into Operate. Watch this space for the next integration stages and developments.

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