Our Favorite Office Tasks You Can Automate With Zapier

A review of time savings integrations you can set up between your visitor management system and other workplace software system using Zapier.

It's a wonderful day in the Greetly-verse. Greetly has just launched an integration with Zapier! If you are not yet familiar with Zapier, it is a simple tool for connecting your favorite (and most vital) software products together. Office automation has never been easier. Best of all, Zapier offers a free plan so you can get started at no cost.

With over 1,000 apps on the Zapier platform though, finding the right integration (or zap, as they call them) can be overwhelming. So we have put together our favorite ways to make digital visitor registration even more valuable to your workplace with this integration. (If you are one step ahead of us, here are instructions for setting up the Greetly<>Zapier integration.)

Automatically Add Visitors to Your Email Database

Is your organization looking to build a sense of community around your brand or mission? Or, as Seth Godin said, build a tribe? One step is to automatically add visitors to your workplace into your CRM database. That allows you to include visitors in future newsletters and organizational updates. After all, if they came to your facility they are quite possibly interested in your work.

With Zapier you can easily add filters so only certain visitors are added. For example, you might want to add someone who came for a tour or interview -- but not the UPS driver. And visitors will only be added once so your intern won't receive 72 newsletters.

Here are just some of the Customer Relationship Database software systems you can connect to Greetly:

Follow-up With Visitors

Greetly Zapier integration reception automationYou know the value of sending thank you notes. But perhaps you don't always have the time to write a thank you to everyone who visits. No problem, Greetly can automate this task for you.

Setting up zaps with Twilio, SendGrid, or the messaging service of your choice, you can send an email or text (SMS) message to your visitors. After all, if they came to your office they might be a potential customer, streagic vendor, valuable prospective employee, or revenueg-generating partner. These automated follow-up communications will allow you to accomplish:

  • Staying top-of-mind with your visitors
  • Including multi-media links and visuals
  • Attaching a coupon or other call-to-action
  • Gaining insights via a survey of the visitor's experience

You can also accomplish most of these tasks directly through the Greetly platform thanks to our massively customizable visitor workflows. Schedule a demo to learn more. 

File Legal Documents with Electronic Signatures to a Cloud Folder

If you require visitors to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or waivers before entering your premises, you should use Greetly to capture digital signatures. This takes away all of the awkwardness of having employees asking them to sign, and them hovering over them as they quickly skim the document before signing. Plus, paper legal documents then need to be manually filed or digitized.  

Your visitor management software can capture eSignatures, visitor information, and the signature date and time. Best of all, everything is instantly stored in your digital visitor logbook. However, your legal department might prefer they go into a cloud-based shared folder. Thanks to the Zapier integration, these signed documents can be passed to:

Or, you can use a similar zap to push this information to the same CRM products mentioned above.

What is a Visitor Management System?  How does it impact your business?  ️ Download the free ebook and learn more today.


Manage Your Hosts With Coworking Directory Services

Coworking software automationGreetly is widely used by coworking and shared workspaces around the globe. These shared workspaces have limited staff and they want them focused on building a strong sense of community. So they use technology throughout the office. One challenge is connecting all of the tools so they work in unison.

Now you can manage just one member database. Every time you add, edit or remove a member in the coworking space management software applications below, the information will be passed to Greetly. Your visitor management system will always show the current and correct host list.

  • essensys Operate (Greetly also has a direct integration with essensys Operate)
  • Yardi Kube
  • Office RnD
  • Cobot
  • Optix
  • Greetly also has a direct integration with Satellite Deskworks

Looking for a similar integration for your non-coworking office? Greetly has direct integrations with Microsoft's Active Directory and Azure AD directory services. In fact, you can use Azure for single sign-on to Greetly.

Conclusion - Getting Started

Zapier + Greetly is a productivity powerhouse. If your modern office is ready to get started, here is our knowledge base article about connecting Greetly to your Zapier account. Then, use the templates below and you'll be testing your new office automations in minutes.

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