Preparing Your Office Before a Key Client Visit

Here are steps to take before a key client or prospects visitors your office to ensure great first impressions and business success.

Originally published by South Coast Today. Reposted with permission.

Before key clients visit your office, your staff should all be trained to make clients feel welcome and to make them feel as though your office cares about their experience. Preparation is key to success when getting your office ready for a key client visit and should start well before the scheduled visit. 

A warm, safe welcome for key clients

Using visitor sign in software to grow your businessWith key clients visiting, a visitor management system allows a company to streamline and automate its visitor management process. The use of technology such as a visitor sign in app to monitor, track, and record the arrival of visitors can also ensure that clients benefit from workplace safety. 

The whole purpose of using a visitor management solution for key clients and any other visitor for that matter is to provide a great first impression to visitors. The benefit of these touchless visitor management systems from Greetly is that they promote good feelings – a company that looks out for the wellbeing of its visitors. These amazing welcoming systems for business are designed to be customizable and they integrate into your existing software. 

Disinfecting the office

Electrostatic spraying ensures every nook and cranny is reached and disinfected. This deep-cleaning method is advantageous as a sanitizing process. This type of cleaning is valuable towards heeding the covid-19 prevention guide. Transmission of any disease can even occur by touching infected surfaces. 

The electrostatic sprayer disperses fine particles into the air so as to coat surfaces. The liquid is attracted to desk surfaces, toilets, and wash-hand basins. You can clean all day, but no cleaner will be able to penetrate ‘out-of-reach’ areas whereas, with electrostatic spraying, your key clients can have confidence that your premises are as sanitized as they can possibly be. 

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Preparation of meeting area

Government visitor management solutionYou will no doubt be taking your key client to a meeting room. To ensure everything is in place, a checklist should have been created with a list of requirements to ensure all equipment and technology is set up to work as needed. The right, skilled person will have to check that all the tools the client needs are available. 

The appropriate person can test that all audio and visual equipment is close on hand. Any problem areas need to be rectified and apart from the equipment, you want to make sure that there’s plenty of water, tea, and coffee to offer your key guests. 

Provide ergonomic furniture

Modern office visitor management with Google Workspace integrationIt is important for your office to look attractive and inviting, but it also has to be comfortable. Your key client can’t leave your offices with a throbbing neck and back caused by badly designed office chairs. Advancements in ergonomics have meant lots of chairs for different types of offices. The chairs also have to be durable and still look good after they have been sat in day after day, year after year. 

They need to be ergonomically designed with adequate support for the back, adjustable heights, adjustable armrests as well as having different weight capacity abilities. Office chairs that are ergonomic should always have a height-adjustable seat simply because not everybody is the same size and they must be able to be adjusted. 

Proper signage

A lot of time is wasted when clients have to try and navigate a route to your office. They have to ask for directions and can only hope the air conditioner is on when they finally find the office they’re needed at. The frustration will have left them sweaty and frustrated. 

Make sure that there is signage to your office from the time your visitors climb out of their vehicles in their appointed parking bay. If your visitors aren’t given clear directions to the correct meeting room, how on earth can they plan to get there on time? The right signage is imperative to get a key client visit off on the right foot.

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