The Must-haves in Your New Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are a valuable commodity for collaboration and building workplace community. When selecting a shared workspace look for these features.

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The social aspect of coworking spaces is great for fueling motivation to work and complete tasks. Many people say that the community of people gathered in one area working to beat deadlines, hit campaign goals, and so on pushes them to work harder. There is a lot that needs to be considered when developing coworking spaces in this age where working remotely has become a norm. 

The space you create needs to convince people that it is much better than their homes. Let us explore some of the things that need to be in a coworking space.

The latest digital technology

Coworking spaces shoulBest coworking space softwared embrace new technologies in the space they create. Many technologies meant to curb the spread of this virus have been created and incorporated into all places of business. Coworking space developers should similarly incorporate these technologies into the area. You can try the virtual visitor management software by Greetly. 

It is a touchless visitor sign in app that captures key visitor data upon arrival and also the exit details. It is a great help to contact tracing in the event someone contracts Covid. Heat monitoring gadgets, UV-C cleaning, crowd monitors, and automated hand sanitizer dispensers are some of the technologies required in new coworking spaces.

Provide great utilities

Utilities are some of the most important aspects of coworking spaces. Utilities such as high-speed internet are very important for a conducive coworking space. This is because it is the main thing those paying to share this space are highly reliant on. If it is not fast or consistent, you are bound to lose customers. 

Utilities such as bathrooms are similarly crucial. Running water in the bathrooms is a basic requirement, and they also need to always be clean. The uninterrupted power supply should also be among the key utilities provided. 

Power should always be available and when not, there should be an automatic backup generator that ensures uninterrupted workflow. The owner needs to constantly communicate with the utility providers to ensure they are always running smoothly.

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Sufficient space in the setup

In a post-Covid world, space is very important in all working spaces. Creating a spacious coworking environment is a good idea. Space ensures those using the area are comfortable and are enjoying their privacy when doing their jobs. People need a conducive environment where they will not be distracted by discussions from those they share the space with. 

As per Covid-19 restrictions, social distancing is a crucial requirement. People will want a working space that caters to their health and space in Covid-19 pandemic times is critical. When creating or developing a coworking area, make a point to make it spacious to serve the different needs of the users.

Invest in comfortable furniture

Visitor management coworking software integrationsThe people in the coworking space will most likely spend the entire day in this space. It is only reasonable that you create a working area that is comfortable for them. Coworking space developers need to invest in comfortable chairs and sturdy desks for their clients. Cozy chairs ensure comfort throughout the day. They also provide pelvic support that results in back muscles being less stressed. 

Good chairs warrant good posture that prevents back problems. They also lead to less fatigue when working. Simple things such as a good chair already warrant productivity which is a major goal of those attempting to find a good coworking space.

A well-equipped kitchen

A well-equipped kitchen is also important in an office space. It doesn’t mean to have a cooker fully equipped with an oven and grill, just the bare essentials like a microwave, fridge, coffee maker, water heater, etc. 

Several people carry food from home for lunch or whenever they feel hungry. A fridge to keep the food fresh and a microwave to warm it come in very handy. A cup of coffee or tea is very common among people in an office setting for productivity and concentration purposes. A coffee machine, in this case, will be very helpful and employees are sure to love it.

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