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Greetly + Slack = Reception Bliss

Posted by Greetly on October 9, 2017

We are excited to announce our latest Greetly visitor registration feature... Greetly is now integrated with popular internal communications app Slack!


Greetly announces Slack integrations. Greetlynow sends visitor registration notifications to your organization's Slackbot.


What Does Greetly + Slack Mean for My Company?

Employees can receive instant reception notifications by their choice of voice call, text message, email and now Slackbot. The Greetly team has been testing this feature in our office during the development. Slack notifications come very quickly, right within one of our favorite workplace tools.


Sample lobby sign in notification - Greetly + Slack integration


How Do I Setup the Greetly + Slack Notifications?

First, Start a Free Trial or Login to your existing Greetly reception management sowtware account. Then follow our easy Slack integration setup instructions.

Setup the Greetly-Slack integration so your employees can receive visitor check in notifications via Slack


We have many more feature updates and integrations in the works. Until then... Happy #GreetSlacking.

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