22 Office Management Tools (For 2022 and Beyond)

Running and office administrative and managerial tasks can be daunting. These office management tools will make your work more productive and efficient.

As an office manager, running several administrative and managerial tasks is daunting. Luckily, there are office management tools that will make your work easier. These are the top 22 office management tools you should embrace in 2022 and beyond:

Virtual receptionist office management softwareGreetly



Google Hangouts


Google Workspace





Scrum Boards









Microsoft Outlook



1. Greetly

Greetly has modernized the reception desk. Their modern visitor management system captures your visitors’ details such as photos, badges, and legal document electronic signatures. In a post-COVID world, Greetly can be used via kiosk or contactless. Either way, the host will instantly receive notifications via messages, emails, or calls once your visitor completes the sign-in process.

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2. ClickUp

If you don’t fancy moving all over to get work done, ClickUp should be on your list. Super Bowl-worthy ads aside, ClickUp brings every useful project management capability on a single platform, helping you manage people, projects, and everything in real-time.

3. QuickBooks

Every business must handle accounting tasks and need an accountant to address complex tasks such as tax filing. QuickBooks, available as an on-premise or cloud-based software product, has an automated invoicing tool to help with the heavy lifting of tracking invoices, cash flow, and filing taxes.

4. Google Hangouts

Do you have a board meeting, a presentation, or a project to launch while miles away? You can virtually meet prospective investors, clients, and teammates on Google Hangouts. You can also share your screen and upload the video on YouTube.

Recruiting firm visitor check in software5. Bonusly

A culture of recognition will help you retain top talent amidst the great resignation. The app allows you to reward and recognize outstanding feats by employees as everyone chips in. Bonusly allows winners to redeem rewards instantly.

6. Google Workspace

You don’t have to waste time or wait longer to send and receive documents for editing and viewing. With Google Workspace (formerly Google for Work), you can store and share work progress with your team on Google workspace and work on them collaboratively in real-time. Make the necessary changes wherever you are.

7. Hootsuite

Keeping track of your social media accounts is no walk in the park. Hootsuite helps you schedule and publish posts. In short, the app can help:

  • Monitor your post’s performance.
  • Reach out to more potential customers.
  • Check out people’s opinions and thoughts about your brand.

8. Proofhub

You can conduct project management remotely with Proofhub. You can manage your tasks, reports, calendars, and files together on Proofhub. Further, you can also access cloud-based servers such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

9. Insightly

Managing your relationship with clients and customers can be draining, especially if you interact on different platforms. Insightly helps you keep track of them easily by:

  • Detecting clients’ social media accounts.
  • Integrating third-party apps, such as Dropbox.
  • Keeping customers’ information on one platform.

10. Zoom

Zoom’s popularity grew during the pandemic as a solution to staying connected with customers and employees while working from home. You can manage virtual events, webinars, and host video meetings in real-time through Zoom. You can also chat and record video sessions for review.

11. Scrum Boards

If you have projects lagging behind, use scrum boards to hasten the progress. To achieve your goals, use a scrum board to:

  • Trace the pace of departmental projects
  • Monitor all elements of projects daily
  • Set two-week sprints for your team to achieve specific milestones

Digital receptionist with instant Slack host alert notifications

12. Slack

You are probably using a messaging tool to manage your office communication. If you aren’t, consider using messaging tools like Slack to get in touch with your workers anytime, anywhere.

13. Due.com

At some point in your work life, you will have to retire. Without a proper retirement plan, you risk losing everything you’ve worked for over the years. Due.com allows you to calculate your annuity, keep track of your life insurance, and plan for your retirement.

14. Rippling

Rippling takes a unique approach to human resources software and directory services. Their SaaS platform merges elements of payroll, benefits, and information technology. Rippling, a Greetly partner, allows your firm to manage all your employee operations in one place—from onboarding to offboarding and every step of their journey in between.

15. Mural

Video conferencing tools like Zoom lack some key features that whiteboard apps like Mural offer. Mural has a user-friendly digital canvas and customized templates that you can use to ideate and brainstorm in real time, making your meetings more interactive and productive.

16. Monday

In a hybrid and remote workspace, scrum boards won’t cut it. That’s where Monday.com comes in, as you can:

  • Store and access documents.
  • Update everyone in your workforce wherever they are.
  • Organize and manage workflow.
  • Assess your team’s performance in real time.

17. Hive

Like a beehive, an office is a busy place. Your team’s productivity may drop without proper management of tasks. Hive enables you to drag, drop and assign tasks, prioritize the most important ones and keep track of due dates. It also has client management and email integration features.

18. Lattice

You can monitor onboarding processes during recruitment, employees’ performance, and workers’ register on Lattice. It is an HR-based software that allows you to support your employees’ performance through regular and one-on-one feedback. It is ideal in both remote and hybrid work environments. 

19. Eden

This hybrid office software handles work shifts and desk booking. If you’re running co-working spaces, Eden will help your tenants to book workspaces conveniently. Workers can pick a desk, reserve it, and schedule reservations. Managers can also assign reserved co-working spaces for their teammates on Eden.

20. Microsoft Outlook

Working in a busy office setup involves receiving loads of emails. Microsoft Outlook can help you:

  • Categorize and organize email items to minimize clutter.
  • Schedule emails and meetings.
  • Share and delegate calendars.
  • Access contacts’ personal information.

21. Sling

Track your employee’s engagement, schedule their availability, and note how they manage time using Sling. Whether your office is hybrid or remote, you can track how many hours your employees worked, how much overtime they took, and their time off. Your employees can also book their leaves on Sling.

22. Eventbrite

Event management software

Unless you have an event planner, it is your duty as an office manager to plan office-related events, which can be stressful. Create lists, manage tickets and bookings, and set a budget on Eventbrite. Also, promote a virtual event, launch it to your audience, and analyze the outcome.

Conclusion - Office Management Tools Can Make Your Workplace More Productive

You may not need all the office management software tools mentioned above but pick the essential ones. The right management tools will make work easier and increase productivity.

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