The art of visitor management | From Mad Men to the modern office

Posted by Greetly Digital Receptionist on May 1, 2018
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Operate Efficiently

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Perhaps you've never considered your visitor management system - you know, the way you welcome guests at your reception area - as an art.  However, allow for a moment the interpretation of receiving the many people who arrive at your office or business as a delicate symphony, or even a dance.

Who comes through your office door? Are they important to your business? What do they see? What impression do you make? How are they served toward their intent upon arrival? And as a matter of management practicality, how does the process disrupt the flow of efficiency at your business? Whether it be patients, clients, delivery men, collaborators, vendors, customers or salesmen bringing you promises of the latest and greatest, those that arrive at your storefront are likely a critical part of your revenue realization. How are they received?

Old fashioned typewriter

Because the Times, they are a Changin'…..

In the Mad Men era, of course, we'd have a receptionist dedicated to greeting these entrants politely and in a formal manner. Wow the times have surely changed. Not only does each employee in today's busy world have designated tasks that hopefully contribute to the financial efficiency of an office, but technologies have allowed for better (and less expensive) ways to triage--and execs can either update, or get left behind in this modern office of now.

As a business manager, you are always asking how you improve efficiency and integrate what's new into your company's image. Here's where the new concept of an integrated visitor management system comes in.  What does it entail?  Read on… and be wowed.

Elements of effective visitor management

  • Digital visitor sign-in app – What is it? Today's technology offers the ability for digital sign ins (and digital information capture) when someone enters an office. No longer does the front line administrator need to sit quietly perusing a magazine, waiting for someone to cross the office threshold. They can multi-task with confidence, while digital software takes care of some of the tasks it aptly can. You decide which ones.
  • Creating a Customized, Welcoming Environment (What's your vibe?) – What's your corporate vibe? Do you need a formal reception area experience or is your image and industry defined with laid-back comfort? Are you tech driven, artsy? What message do you want to convey to entrants?  Digital reception software can relate whatever vibe you choose, as it integrates into your office aura seamlessly, making you look efficient, good at what you do, sleek and modern with an array of opt-ins and customized functions available for programming. Not only does digital reception software serve you, as executives operate more effectively, it makes the experience of your visitors much easier if utilized properly and to full benefit.
  • Efficient Visitor Registration (sign in apps) – Does your business require a point-person initial contact, such as a medical office registrant taking insurance info or a clerk to collect payments upon exit? If so, are there pre-registration tasks that can be performed digitally to streamline or shorten this process, or can the point person even be effectively replaced by technologies that will create a more tech-savvy, modern image at your business as well as enhance efficiency if one-on-one interpersonal is not a required order of business?  Modern reception sign in efforts can be customized to suit a myriad of needs, integration degrees (from assisting receptionists to replacing receptionists) and desires to reach your signature goals.  With a digital iPad or Android sign in app and/or iPad data collection, initial information can be entered without wasted manpower and without wait time.  As well, human transcription errors (or illegible handwriting fiascos) are minimized.  Time of entrance will be immediately met with attention and the queue of waiting can be optimized to assure the most efficient of time management for both those waiting and those hosting.   
  • Quickly Connecting with Visitors  One of the many benefits of digital visitor registration is it includes quick connections with hosts. When a person enters, they check themselves in via digital sign in app. Instantly the host is notified via email, text message (SMS), voice call and Slack about their visitor or delivery. They can come to greet their contacts without interrupting any other employee's order of business. If a company wishes to have a picture taken of the visitor, the host can even be pre-informed of what their caller looks like for even better impressions upon greet. Alternatively, if screening needs to take place, the virtual receptionist can take care of denying access to unexpected or unwanted guests, or rescheduling visitors for more convenient meet-ups in the future. No awkward exchanges necessary and no wasted face-time!
  • Securing Your Office – Along these same lines, the virtual receptionist can ensure the security of your office, providing access to only approved individuals. It can as well record all visitors with names and even contact information electronically added immediately into systems as well as arrival times and number and days of visits for corporate record-keeping. It can provide theft intelligence, should incidents take place. All on-property individuals are accounted for through such a system. If your office requires that visitors sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), waiver or other legal document, that can be address before admittance is even granted. Using an eSig feature, all of these awkward tasks that can be "out-sourced" from your staff are truly endless and can be tailored to need.
  • Check Out (the Elvis has left the building effect)  As well as who enters your facility, a digital receptionist can effectively keep track of exactly when they leave your workspace. Having detailed data and constant eyes on your business can be a wonderful perk toward keeping your office--and information--secure. It can also aid in emergency evacuation intelligence, should there ever be a need.

Modern office visitor management


The above are just really scratching the surface of some of the benefits a visitor management system will provide. And as technology and office automation continues to improve, expect to see more applications to improve the efficiency of the smart office. These high touch technologies for sure and the answer to a changing society, appealing to millennials and the generations of executives to come.

Now is the time to bring your reception area in the modern era with visitor management for the modern office.

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