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When you walk into an office today you are likely greeted by a reception desk and - not a receptionist but a reception-ish - and they hate it.

In the days of the Sterling-Cooper & Partners ad agency, a visitor would be greeted by a dedicated receptionist. This lady (and yes, it was a lady), would play solitaire all day (first with cards, then she automated the shuffling and dealing with a computer) waiting for the big client to show. Or the food delivery that preceded the client. Or the hot new creative that would help them land the big client.

Mad Men era receptionist in black-and-white

As a visitor, you were treated like royalty. You walked in and someone was waiting to satisfy your every need. Eventually, they would escort you to your host in a well-appointed conference room.

Today when you walk into most offices you see... The same thing! A formal reception desk. And a lady (yes, still) working behind the desk.

Except she isn't there for you. She is not a reception-ist. Meet the reception-ish.

Introducing Your Reception-ish

She isn't a receptionist at all. She is a college-educated office manager. Or operations assistant. Or human resources coordinator. Or, at a coworking space, a community manager. Whatever her title is, reception is not likely in her job description. She's unlikely to get a promotion for killing it handling the lunch orders. In a world, we managers are constantly asked to do more with less, here she is, the de facto receptionist. 

No wonder you don't feel greeted by welcoming arms.

Implement Reception Management Software and Refocus Your Reception-ish

Nothing personal, but the reception-ish isn't going to create a great impression for your important visitors. Instead, regardless of your resources, you need visitor management systems that make sure each visitor is greeted prompted, and handle with the appropriate level of care. A visitor management system is plans and procedures for recording and monitor visitor information and efficiently connecting visitors with their host.

This does not need to be an expensive endeavor. Reception management software can easily handle clients, vendors, interview candidates, deliveries, and people attending events at your workplace. Showcase your workplace as tech-forward with a visitor sign-in app. A front desk sign-in app can:

Summary: Save Your ADMINutes

For most organizations, people are your most valuable asset. And you're most expensive too. Focus your reception-ish on where she is most valuable. And let inexpensive reception management software handle - and impress - your visitors. 

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