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Features of the Best Visitor Management Systems | Digital Receptionist

Whenever you look to make a purchase or procure new technology for your business, it...

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It may be April Fool's Day but this is no joke... The Global Coworking Unconference...


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Population decline has been a long-standing concern in countries like Japan, Greece and Italy....

WeWork is Going Public: What Does this Mean for Coworking?

In April, coworking industry giant WeWork filed plans for its Initial Public Offering (IPO)....

Greetly's Digital Visitor Log Gets an Update

Greetly is always listening to what you - our valued users - think we can do better. We have...

The Rise of Generation Z, and what it means for the Workplace

We’ve all heard the labels: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Milliennials. While your social feed is...

What is Coworking? A Primer on this Massive Office Space Trend

Last week Greetly sponsored GCUC, the Global Coworking Unconference in Denver, CO. At the...

Visitor Management Part 6: Keeping a Visitor Log

We all love visitors! It’s a chance to move your business or projects forward, to showcase your...

Visitor Management Step 5: Checking Out

Your visitor has arrived, been greeted, signed in and has been connected with the appropriate...

Visitor Management Step 4: Contacting the Host

When any visitor arrives to your workplace, they are there to connect with a person. It might be...

Visitor Management Step 3: Signing In

Does your organization require visitors to sign in upon arrival? Every organization, and even...

Let's Get GCUC

It may be April Fool's Day but this is no joke... The Global Coworking Unconference, better...

Visitor Management Step 2: Identifying Visitors

~~~This is part 2 of our series on the visitor management process~~~

Visitor Management Step 1: Making Guests Comfortable

Every business and organization has visitors. Some just get a few package and food deliveries....

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